The Truth about Manifesting, Part 2

Manifesting Truth #2: Gratitude is essential to manifesting. Feeling good is essential to manifesting, attracting, and RECEIVING what we want. And your mental state is just as important a part of this as your physical state when it comes to feeling good, if not more important. The problem is that it can be difficult to get out of the mental … Read More

How to Find Your Own Unique Voice

Many of you out there are searching for your truth and looking for a way to express yourself more clearly and effectively to the world. You want to find your unique gifts and talents and better identify with and understand your path and your purpose. Well, here’s the truth you have been searching for… The truth is that the better … Read More

Self-Confidence: Your Key to Abundance

When life doesn’t go as we planned and we are feeling down about our circumstances, our confidence in ourselves and our ability to create can get reduced. It’s almost as if we have forgotten how powerful we are. We have forgotten that WE ARE CREATORS. And if you don’t feel confident in your own ability to create and manifest what … Read More

Clearing Negative Energy from a Soul-level Perspective

The negative energy that resides within us is held at different levels within our being, but it always affects us at Soul-level. But what does that mean? Basically, it means that no matter where the energy is held within our beings, it prevents us from truly expressing our Soul and all of the wonderful and amazing gifts and abilities we … Read More

Not Knowing: An Exercise in Manifestation

One of the biggest reasons that I’ve seen my clients have difficulty manifesting is because they are limited in their thinking. They have difficulty keeping an open mind for HOW things can come to them. They tend to operate inside a mental box created by their own minds. The problem is that this box of their own creation can actually … Read More

Heal Past Trauma with Soul Clearing: Key to Abundance

Most of us have had past experiences we would probably rather not think about or readily remember. Last week’s traumatic events at Fort Hood certainly are no exception to that. As a military spouse and a resident of the Fort Hood area, the tragedy struck a bit too close to home for me. As I watched the events unfold in … Read More