How to Find Your Own Unique Voice

Many of you out there are searching for your truth and looking for a way to express yourself more clearly and effectively to the world. You want to find your unique gifts and talents and better identify with and understand your path and your purpose.

Well, here’s the truth you have been searching for…

The truth is that the better you understand yourself and your unique abilities, the better you can express them to the world and the more abundant you will be. The problem is that many of you are not fully connected to what your unique gifts are and you may have even lost hold of the belief that you do have special gifts you were designed to share with the world.

I can assure you right now that you DO have special gifts and abilities that you were specifically designed to use to help others. We all do. It’s just a matter of reconnecting with them – finding out what they are and how you can best access them and use them.

What I see most often with clients is that they have lost sight of their unique gifts and often they are feeling very lost and disconnected from who they are underneath it all and also from Spirit, which is such an integral part of all of us.

Once they are reconnected more fully to themselves and to Spirit, their ability to express themselves increases dramatically as they begin to remember who they truly are. They become much happier and abundance flows more freely into their lives because the fear that used to prevent them from expressing themselves has diminished.

Ultimately, finding your true voice starts with changing your beliefs around the fact that you really do, in fact, have special gifts and abilities you were created to share with the world. After that it’s just a matter of investigating and reconnecting with what your specific gifts are, clearing blocks to using them and then taking action to integrate them into your daily life.

Clearing blocks to using your gifts tends to be the most significant thing I do for clients because often the reason they don’t fully relate to what their gifts are is because there are blocks in place from past experiences that are keeping them in a state of fear about using them. Too many times we shut parts of ourselves down due to fear and deny ourselves access to the truth of who we are. It certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t something special underneath all that.

Start by asking yourself what have you always wanted to do? What do you love to do more than anything? Typically within the answers to those questions is the answer to where your special gifts and your soul purpose lies. And don’t stop thinking about a possibility because it seems out of reach to you at the time.

Remember … just because you do not identify with your unique abilities doesn’t mean they do not exist!

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