A Special Message To All You Business Owners Out There…

Confident Business Woman

Doing the work I do, I have to work on myself. I do it a lot. I have to, but I also LOVE it!! I enjoy improving myself and my life through using my intuition, Spiritual Clearing and Energy Work. It’s not only a huge part of who I am, but I also see the benefits of it every time I use my own … Read More

Conscious Business Success: Positive Environment

Your environment is everything. PERIOD. If you’re not comfortable when you are working, you won’t be successful at what you set out to do. You also won’t enjoy yourself while you’re doing it … and what is the point in that? Why bother putting the effort into running and growing a business (and you know just as well as I do how … Read More

How Can a Property Clearing Help You?

Many of us find ourselves in negative environments quite often, and most of the time it’s not of our choosing. Whether it’s our workplace or a relative’s home or even our own home, for example, being in a negative environment can do much damage to us emotionally and mentally, especially if we spend a lot of time there. The reason … Read More