Your Planetary Origin and Soul Group: What Is It?

There are different types of Soul Groups that people make references to, and the one most widely referenced is the group of Souls that acts like a “family” for you on the Spiritual Plane. These Souls have chosen to reincarnate together over and over to help one another learn and complete the life lessons they agree to while incarnated. With … Read More

The Power of the Higher Self

Each of us has three aspects, or levels, to our consciousness – the Subconscious, the Conscious Self, and the Higher Self. As I wrote in a previous article, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, our subconscious is like a child version of ourselves, but one that has a great deal of power and influence in our lives, because it has … Read More

The Secret to Figuring Out Your Life Lessons

  Have you found yourself experiencing the same problems over and over again? The same “themes” that keep reappearing in your life? Have you wondered why more times than you can count? Perhaps made you feel like banging your head against a wall or even pulling your hair out some days?   Well, chances are, that the reason why is … Read More