Why You Need to Connect to Spirit

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Why You Need to Connect to Spirit The thing we are not doing enough collectively, as individuals, and as human Souls is strengthening our connection to Spirit. Why is this so important? The more connected you are to Source, to God, and to the Universe, the more your Soul can communicate through you, which is the primary reason you are here. … Read More

2018: A Message from Your Spirit Guides

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2018: A Message from Your Spirit Guides It’s time to let get of the old and bring in the new, as they say. But this past year was particularly hard for just about everyone I know in one way or another, but at the same time o many things came to closure by the end of 2018. It may have … Read More

How You Communicate With Your Spirit Guides


Communication with your Spirit Guides is a two-way street. You are supposed to be able to send messages to Spirit for requests that you have regarding manifestation or questions you need answered and you are supposed to be able to receive information from Spirit in response to your requests and for guidance as needed to help you in your daily … Read More

Do You Know WHO to Consult for Spiritual Guidance and When?

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There are many sources available to each of us when we are in need of spiritual guidance or assistance. The key is knowing WHO to go to in each different situation to give you the best guidance available to help you in your time of need, and with guidance that can come from so many places, it can be hard … Read More

Are You Denying Help From Spirit? Read THIS To Find Out…

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When you don’t trust that Spirit is going to bring us what you need, you are essentially denying that abundance exists. When you worry and stress about abundance coming to you, it blocks the flow, not only because your thoughts are in the wrong place, but also because if you truly trusted in Spirit, you wouldn’t be worrying in the … Read More

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination to connect with Spirit

Continuing my discussion about how to connect with your Spirit Guides, I’d like to share with you one of the most popular ways I give my clients as an exercise to connect with their Spirit Guides … by using your imagination. Utilizing the skill to visualize and imagine can open up avenues of communication with Spirit that most of us … Read More