Reclaim Your Power to Manifest Abundance NOW

Often when we are lacking in some area of our lives, it is because we are missing our own power in some form. Perhaps we have given too much of it away without realizing what that would mean for us in the long run. Or perhaps it was taken from us, or rather, we allowed it to be taken from … Read More

Clear the Connections that Drain Your Energy

When we form and maintain relationships with other people, we not only do it in the physical sense through communication and interaction, but we also do it energetically, and even spiritually. We form energetic connections through our interactions with others. Those connections can take on many forms. Take for example, something that happened when you were younger. Say you got … Read More

Your Planetary Origin and Soul Group: What Is It?

There are different types of Soul Groups that people make references to, and the one most widely referenced is the group of Souls that acts like a “family” for you on the Spiritual Plane. These Souls have chosen to reincarnate together over and over to help one another learn and complete the life lessons they agree to while incarnated. With … Read More

Our Relationship with Ourselves is the Most Valuable Relationship

Just like our outer state is a constant reflection of our inner state, how we view ourselves is a consistent reminder of who we are and how much we value ourselves. We also express that state outwardly constantly as we move throughout our day and that state of being is the energetic magnet that attracts many of our experiences to … Read More

Understanding Our Relationships Means Understanding Ourselves

Too often, we get irritated with those in our lives too quickly before considering that there might be a valuable lesson or awareness within the dynamics of the relationship we are a part of. What we are so blatantly missing is that our relationships are a mirror through which we can see deeply into ourselves, if only we would choose … Read More

Healing Our Relationships

Our relationships are essential to our well-being as human beings. Our human experience makes it very necessary for us to interact with others on all levels and to be one with others on a regular basis, whether we realize that is what we are doing or not. To be one with someone is simply to allow yourself to be with … Read More