Clearing Negative Energy from a Soul-level Perspective

soul-level clearing negative energyThe negative energy that resides within us is held at different levels within our being, but it always affects us at Soul-level. But what does that mean?

Basically, it means that no matter where the energy is held within our beings, it prevents us from truly expressing our Soul and all of the wonderful and amazing gifts and abilities we have to share with the world. We are literally blocked by our own past experiences.

Some experiences we have can roll right off our backs like it never even fazed us. But some experiences stay with us because we don’t let them go and move on. Negative experiences can affect us deeply, but only IF we allow them to.

And when we do allow our past experiences to affect us, we carry away from the experience emotional baggage that literally becomes part of us. It takes up residence in our energy field in different forms that are a metaphor for and directly related to the experience we had and how we felt about it. The negative energy is a remnant leftover from what happened to us – one we have chosen to hold onto so we do not repeat the same scenario ever again.

Holding onto that reminder seems like the right thing to do at the time and it protects us … for a while. The problem is we lose sight of our innocence, our freedom, our power and our innate abilities that we were born with. We simply forget how powerful we really are.

This is bad and this is dangerous because it puts us in a state of weakness mentally, emotionally and energetically, causing us to lose access to our valuable creation energy because we begin to believe that we are simply not strong enough to create what we want for our lives.

And that’s just not true.

We ARE strong. We are pure light. We can have and do and create anything we want. It’s just that we have forgotten it for a time, and by clearing away what is making us forget how powerful we are, we can once again reconnect with and remember who we truly are. And in that remembering of who we truly are, we are healing our Soul and allowing our light to shine through to the world like it was intended when we were created. And by not working to heal our Soul we are only blocking ourselves and the world from experiencing the light within us.

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