Studies on the Effectiveness of Spiritual Healing, Part 1

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I found myself doing some research on meditation studies last week for the new Meditation Certification Teacher Program I’m acting as a Program Mentor for with Sid and Liz McNairy of Nahi Wellness. I happened to stumble upon something very interesting… studies on the effectiveness of Spiritual Healing and Distance Healing.

And there’s actually A LOT of studies out there.

I know from talking to my clients and hearing the results they have that my Akashic Records Readings and Spiritual Healing is highly effective and they see results quickly. No question.

But what I didn’t realize was just how backed by science it is.

This study, called perceived outcomes of spiritual healing, was completed in Germany, was based on data collected from interviewing healers and their clients and recording their answers to specific questions. Changes in sensations and feelings, concept of self, and physical symptoms after healing was completed were recorded.

The responses from clients interviewed were things like the ability to let go, more positive outlook, being more conscious, happier overall, more self-confidence, more meaningfulness, and most importantly feeling empowered to change.

The ability to open the mind and ALLOW change into your life is one of the most powerful things a healer can do for their client.

The study also took a look at how the healing was completed. This is where it got really interesting. “Connecting to transcendent sources” was the primary means of completing the healing, and was defined as “communication about an experience of transcendence (beyond oneself) that is not in the everyday consciousness of the here and now, or something that is not experienced as a genuine part of the self.”

What this means is the act of the healer or client of connecting to a power greater than oneself to allow for the healing to occur with the act of “letting go” being the trigger that starts the healing process.

It’s well known that negative emotions interfere with the way the body works and can create imbalances in the way it works. Any form of stress can directly affect the way the endocrine system works via the fight or flight response, which can throw off the nervous system and the immune system.

Spiritual healing, distance energy healing, intuitive healing, and Akashic Records healing can all resolve the negative stresses we experience daily and transform the way the body responds to stress, reducing it completely so that the body can do the job it was intended to do and heal itself.



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