Heal Past Trauma with Soul Clearing: Key to Abundance

ptsd, depression, anxiety, soul clearing, akashic records readingMost of us have had past experiences we would probably rather not think about or readily remember. Last week’s traumatic events at Fort Hood certainly are no exception to that. As a military spouse and a resident of the Fort Hood area, the tragedy struck a bit too close to home for me. As I watched the events unfold in front of me on the news, I was captivated and glued to the TV, and I RARELY watch the news. I am truly grateful that all my friends and family were safe and unharmed.

Coincidentally, I have recently been doing quite a bit of work for local soldiers and seeing good results with helping them utilizing Soul Clearing and Akashic Records techniques to clear the negative emotions surrounding their past traumatic experiences, but what happened reminded me how very important this work is, especially to those suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety – military and non-military included. This work can greatly benefit ANYONE who is having difficulty coping with and moving beyond past traumatic experiences.

The past can be a heavy burden on us and can literally be like chains holding us back from moving forward and allowing us to access newer, more positive experiences into our lives. But what we don’t realize is that it’s our perception of the experience more than it is the actual experience that weighs us down so much. Because we are human and we attach emotion to our experiences, not only do we carry away from an experience the memory of it, but also the emotion we attached to it at the time.

Of the two, the emotion that we attach to it is far more damaging than the memory of it. That’s what stays with us for so long afterward and can make thinking back about what happened so difficult for us. It’s that emotion that makes us want to avoid what happened in our past and can keep us from trying to work on it to release it so we can move on.

But what we don’t understand is that the negative emotion we experienced can be separated from the actual experience and cleared away because it’s just another form of energy, and a negative one at that. Once it’s cleared, the experience is still there, but there is no negative emotion or feeling left around it, so when we go back to think about it, we can remember what happened, but there is no negative feeling attached to it any longer.

The best part about clearing the negative energy around past traumatic experiences is that it very quickly takes the fear out of revisiting the experience so you can look more objectively at it, and more importantly, move on from it for good to much better things. Something that most people don’t realize is that because the weight of past traumatic experiences is so heavy, it is also the biggest blocks to abundance we have. Knowing that can really give us the incentive we need to work on our past. It’s also a fantastic complement to counseling and other therapies.

Want to learn more about clearing the negative emotions associated with past traumatic experiences? Email me at sallie@psynergywellness.com today!

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    1. salliekeys

      Hey Madhulika!

      Difficulty in your present life can often come from past lives. The very best way to find out if that is the case is to have someone check for you in a reading. Other things can cause your issues, sometimes present life issues. You can learn quite a bit from a professional reading!

      Thanks! Sallie 🙂

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