What To Do With The Negative People In Your Life

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Now that you know WHY negative people are in your life, (check out my last article if you haven’t already, Why Negative People Are In Your Life), it’s time to learn about WHAT TO DO with them. As crazy as it might sound, those negative people in our lives actually serve a purpose. And no, it’s not just to drive … Read More

Why Negative People Are In Your Life

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I had someone recently ask me to write about why you attract certain people and she wanted to know if you attracted other people based on your own energetic vibration. The short answer is yes … sometimes. Most of what we attract to us is highly based on what we are creating and manifesting in our lives, and keep in … Read More

How Are Excess Weight and Negative Energy Connected?

Often when we encounter negative situations and negative people, we find that we experience negative feelings and emotions, or negative energy. This is perfectly normal in most cases, but it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for us. As a result of those negative feelings, we often respond negatively by expressing those negative emotions to the world or the people around us. … Read More

Shield Yourself From Negative People That Drain Your Energy

One of the biggest drains on our energy is interactions with other people and how we respond to them. And what I mean by this is people that like to push your buttons. Maybe they are aware they are doing it and maybe they’re not. Or maybe they’ve been doing it for so long that they don’t even realize just … Read More

How to Deal with Negative People

As I continue to evolve, I begin to see patterns arise in my life and among those around me. In fact, I try to identify them so I can understand them better because resolving and correcting negative patterns are truly one of the keys to finding peace and happiness. A pattern I have noticed quite a bit lately is certain … Read More

How to Survive and Thrive When Surrounded by Negative Energy

We all know what it’s like to encounter negative circumstances where you are surrounded by negative energy, like when you’re at work with coworkers and clients who are extremely negative, with family members that cause you to feel uncomfortable or discontented, when you have unexpected company, and even when you’re out and about in the world running errands, or maybe … Read More