Gratitude and Manifesting

Gratitude and Manifesting

One of the biggest things you hear about manifesting is that you need to be in a state of gratitude in order to manifest, and more importantly to receive, what you are asking for. What is quite frequently left out of the literature, however, and is rarely said, is that it takes you having ample free time and quiet moments … Read More

The Truth about Manifesting, Part 2

Manifesting Truth #2: Gratitude is essential to manifesting. Feeling good is essential to manifesting, attracting, and RECEIVING what we want. And your mental state is just as important a part of this as your physical state when it comes to feeling good, if not more important. The problem is that it can be difficult to get out of the mental … Read More

Find Gratitude: Right Here, Right Now

Even when we find ourselves in what seems like the worst of circumstances, it is still possible to see the good in our situation. In fact, I recommend trying to. The reason why is that we often miss or overlook a valuable lesson when we simply deny that there could be anything positive about such a seemingly negative situation. Maybe … Read More

Intent Is Essential to the Manifestation Process

One of the most important aspects of the manifestation process is setting a clear intent for our desires. If we do nothing else, that is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves. Why? Because the clearer we are about our intent, the more energy we will automatically put into the creation of that intent, both through sheer … Read More

Perception is Everything

I was just thinking about how our perception of our lives is more of a defining factor than the reality of our lives is. I mean yes, we can be in situations that we feel are difficult and we can also have days where we think things can’t possibly ever get any better. And then we can have days where … Read More

Gratitude Has the Power to Transform

Giving thanks is such an important part of who we are and I think so many of us, including myself, forget far too easily just how important it is. Of course we all thank others regularly, but with so many things going on in the world around us, it’s quite easy to overlook the real meaning of gratitude. Gratitude is … Read More