Your Power IS Your Intuition

There are FAR too many of you feeling disempowered and disconnected from Spirit. What that means is  you are out of touch with who you are, but more importantly, disconnected from your own inner guidance system … your unique ability to find the answers you seek inside of yourself. The answers you seek are already there, all you have to do … Read More

Supercharge Your Intuition With Nutrition

nutrition increases intuition

In my last couple of articles, I talked about the connection between nutrition and manifestation. In this article, I’m going to take it one step further and discuss the connection between nutrition and intuition in more detail. It should be common sense to understand that anytime there is an imbalance in your body, you will not feel your best and … Read More

Intuition: Your Divine Right and Connection to Source

Intuition Is Your Birthright

Intuition is your birthright. It’s WHO YOU ARE. It’s guidance for you that flows directly from Source energy to you and through you. It is your inner guidance system designed to help protect you when needed and guide you in the right direction. It is a true gift from Source for you to have and use to guide you toward … Read More

How Spirit Gives You All The Answers You Need

Follow Your Intuition - Sallie Keys

I start this article with a quote from my older son, Jakob, as he stands up on a chair and puts his finger up high in the air and says, “I have an idea!” 😀 Here’s a story that I know you Moms out there will appreciate, as well as anyone else who is genuinely interested in getting more in touch … Read More

How Your Soul Uses Intuition To Communicate With You

go with your gut feeling

I’ve written a lot about how your Spirit Guides communicate with you. And it’s important to follow their guidance often. But they’re not the only source of guidance available to you. One of the most important sources of guidance you should regularly be accessing is your Higher Self, or your Soul. Your Soul is your primary source of intuition when … Read More

How Using Your Intuition Opens the Flow of Abundance

spiritual guidance

Today, I want to talk to you about what “abundance” REALLY is. Before you continue reading this article, take a moment to answer the following questions: What does abundance mean to you? What is it you are really looking for when you are looking for abundance? I know on the surface, you’re looking for money or perhaps more time or … Read More