Success through Transformation

When we make the effort to transform ourselves to enjoy and bring more success into our lives, we don’t always readily realize the change that can come along with it. We want to have a more positive lifestyle, but what we forget is that we must change something about ourselves or our lives in order to experience a more positive … Read More

When Life Changes Everything

Major changes in our lives taking place can affect us in many ways, both expected and unexpected. The most important thing to realize is that change is good. Change is important. It is essential to our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and helps us in moving forward with our lives in many ways. If we were to remain stuck and … Read More

When “Bad” Things Happen

We’ve all had times when we experience negative and unexpected circumstances. Maybe it’s an illness with us or loved ones or maybe it’s just a bad day that gets worst or keeps on going. Regardless, when we have negative experiences that slow us down and literally make us stop in our tracks, while they’re not a lot of fun and … Read More

True Healing is Achieved through Awareness

In order to truly heal ourselves of any mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or energetic difficulty, we must fully understand what the true source of our problem is so we can address it properly. And the source may not always be what we think. Even though an illness is physical, its true source may be spiritual or energetic. It is also … Read More

The Choice NOT to Feel is ALWAYS a Negative One

While it may seem that simply NOT feeling pain is a way to navigate negativity, I assure you, the choice NOT to feel is ALWAYS a negative one. It’s truly unfortunate to me, and very sad, indeed, when someone actively chooses to ignore the damage that negativity has caused in their life by simply saying it doesn’t bother them. What … Read More

Our Relationship with Ourselves is the Most Valuable Relationship

Just like our outer state is a constant reflection of our inner state, how we view ourselves is a consistent reminder of who we are and how much we value ourselves. We also express that state outwardly constantly as we move throughout our day and that state of being is the energetic magnet that attracts many of our experiences to … Read More