One day you will experience a “waterfall” of healing…

One day you will experience a waterfall of healing

Healing is one of the most profound experiences we can have in our lives. It can occur over a period of time like days, months or years, or it can occur in an instant, as a result of some sort catalyst such as a growth or learning experience. Regardless of how it comes to you, if you accept the healing, you move on to a much better place of learning and growth than have been before. There is always learning and growth, but the goal should be to move on to learn from better, more positive experiences,  rather than negative ones.  

Be open to learning and growth through new experiences. This is always your access point to a higher level of consciousness.

Without learning and growth, you do not advance spiritually, as a human or a Soul. It is your movement forward in this life and into the next. It is how you access the higher levels of consciousness and connect fully to your Soul and step into your purpose and onto your path.

Your Soul came here for learning and growth. You are here to help others do the same through your experiences.

Healing occurs through the process of learning and growth. It was part of the experiences you chose to have when you decided to come here and incarnate into this life. What you learn here in the physical goes on to benefit others as the information from your learning experiences is transmitted back to the spiritual plane to help others with their own experiences. While learning, growth and change can be difficult, it is always needed to expand and understand life better. Change is always positive on the other side. Life is change. Allow yourself to grow along with it.

My greatest hope for you is that one day, you will experience a waterfall of healing.  

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Sallie Keys is an experienced Akashic Records and Intuitive Development Expert, Manifestation Teacher, Transformational Healer & Spiritual Mentor for whom results matter most. She’s fiercely committed to empowering her clients with the ability to heal themselves and to obtain their own crystal clear, accurate spiritual guidance and get in their unique flow of abundance, so they can live the life of their dreams now.

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