12-12-12: What does it really mean?

There’s been so much information out about what 12-12-12 means for so long it seems now. And then of course there is all the writing about 12-21-12, which is a whole other matter, although they are linked, being so close together. The significance of the numbers repeating is actually what is important here. If you consider that the highest available … Read More

How to Access the Power Within

Whether we know it’s there or not, we have power. Each of us has a different power, but we all have power just the same. The problem is that most of us have forgotten what it is and how to access it fully. We might get a glimpse sometimes, but fully accessing our own power within is another matter. t’s … Read More

The Choice NOT to Feel is ALWAYS a Negative One

While it may seem that simply NOT feeling pain is a way to navigate negativity, I assure you, the choice NOT to feel is ALWAYS a negative one. It’s truly unfortunate to me, and very sad, indeed, when someone actively chooses to ignore the damage that negativity has caused in their life by simply saying it doesn’t bother them. What … Read More