What You Manifest is Determined by How You Feel

You all know this scenario – we wake up and our day starts off on a not-so-hot note. Maybe you were still tired from the night before and you accidentally spill your coffee. Or maybe you trip on your way out the door and your work papers fly everywhere. Or you can’t remember where you put your keys, so you … Read More

Fear: Its Purpose and How to Conquer It

Fear can be overwhelming at times. It can halt us in our tracks, bringing us to a dead stop, even when we truly do not intend for it to have that effect on us. It can rob us of achieving our dreams and can make us act in ways we would never have if we simply were not afraid. As … Read More

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Mood in Minutes

There is a simple technique I use in my work that helps to dramatically and instantly improve mood and raise your energetic vibration to one that is much more positive. And all it involves is changing the way you breathe for a few moments… Step 1: Very simply, pause what you are doing, close your eyes, and take a deep … Read More