The Importance of Finding Your Purpose in Life

Finding your purpose in life is something sought after by so many people. But why is it so important? What drives us to find our purpose and why? The reason why so many of us feel so driven to find our life purpose is because knowing your purpose means that you are fully in touch with WHO YOU ARE at … Read More

Have You Forgotten How To Feel Good?

Most of our blocks to having and manifesting what we want come from not being able to connect to the feeling of it. This happens a lot because we don’t feel GOOD. Maybe we’ve been ill or slightly depressed because things are not going exactly how we want for our lives, and that has us feeling not so hot. So … Read More

Who You Are is Essential to Abundance

When we try to fit into others ideas of who we are or meet expectations others set for us, we are really limiting ourselves and the level of abundance we can achieve for ourselves. It is NEVER right for us to go outside of what works for us just because someone else asked us to do something or recommended it … Read More

Clear the Connections that Drain Your Energy

When we form and maintain relationships with other people, we not only do it in the physical sense through communication and interaction, but we also do it energetically, and even spiritually. We form energetic connections through our interactions with others. Those connections can take on many forms. Take for example, something that happened when you were younger. Say you got … Read More

Past Life Regression vs an Akashic Records Reading

Anytime the subject of exploring past lives is discussed, things can get very interesting. Especially when the topic of past life regression is touched on. Having a past life regression typically means utilizing hypnosis, or perhaps even a deep form of meditation, to reenter your past lifetimes and experience them once again. The idea is that by experiencing them again, … Read More

How to Access the Power Within

Whether we know it’s there or not, we have power. Each of us has a different power, but we all have power just the same. The problem is that most of us have forgotten what it is and how to access it fully. We might get a glimpse sometimes, but fully accessing our own power within is another matter. t’s … Read More