Stepping Forward Means Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

The work that I do brings great change into my clients’ lives. It may not always happen overnight or all at once, or even in the way they expected, but it does happen. Most people sense that about the work and are somewhat daunted by the propensity it has to change things. This can even make them nervous about booking … Read More

How to Manifest a Happy Life in 2012

Manifestation – this is quite an interesting topic, I have to say. There is a TON of material out there on this topic, as I’m sure many of you know. But how much of it works for you? Maybe some does, maybe it doesn’t. Or maybe it’s inconsistent in the way it works, or maybe it works once because it’s … Read More

How Cutting the Cords Can Change Your Life

Energetic cords are fairly passive two-way energetic connections that can drain our energy. They can come from either positive or negative Souls and their effects are very subtle. We can create cords with just about anyone we have a relationship with, whether that be a parent, friend, family member, or even a co-worker. Cords are usually formed when we create … Read More

5 Essential Reasons to Get a Past Life Reading and Clearing

Most clients that find me and come in for clearing work have an intuitive sense that they need to clear the energy that they still carry around past-life experiences. They believe in the concept of reincarnation so they know that not only have they been here before, but they may very well be here again, and whatever they do not … Read More

Why Change Is A Good Thing

As I find myself in the midst of many changes in my life, I have come to realize that change, while often uncomfortable, makes way for new and exciting things. Change is a good thing: it allows us to grow in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise, even if it doesn’t feel like a good experience at the time. And with … Read More

It’s All About the Learning Experiences

How many times have you been confronted by a problem or issue that keeps recurring? I know for me, it most certainly does happen. I’ve been exploring this issue lately and here is what I have come up with… Too often we find ourselves in a situation where we are not happy or are looking for a way out of … Read More