Stepping Forward Means Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

time for a change The work that I do brings great change into my clients’ lives. It may not always happen overnight or all at once, or even in the way they expected, but it does happen. Most people sense that about the work and are somewhat daunted by the propensity it has to change things. This can even make them nervous about booking sessions with me.


Because even though we may be unhappy in our lives as they are, we also become very comfortable with the way they are, and we typically feel that we have some measure of control over them, even if it’s not in the best, most positive way possible. And while this may work for a time, the problem with it is that when we are ready to move forward and do something more productive and positive with our lives, that “construct” that we have so readily created for ourselves to live so comfortably within can become a problem when we try to step outside of it.

The reason why is because stepping outside of that means CHOOSING to make ourselves UNCOMFORTABLE. And that’s not an easy choice to make. Especially when it takes a conscious effort and action on our part.

I mean really, would you get out of your fuzzy bunny slippers in the morning to get in the shower and go to work if you didn’t have to? Most people wouldn’t. Most people would rather be sitting on their front porch or at their kitchen table drinking their coffee in those fuzzy bunny slippers to savor the moment for as long as they possibly can.

But that’s not what we do to ourselves. We place ourselves inside of these little boxes of our own creation, with these rules that say things like “You must go to work and you must stay at this job even though you are unhappy with it because you have bills to pay.” Or “You must stay in this relationship exactly the way it is because you don’t really know what you want and you probably can’t have it any way even if you did.” These are just a few examples of the negative belief systems that we set up for ourselves that can limit us from moving forward.

What’s so difficult about making a change?

Well, for one, we’ve become so comfortable with our circumstances, even when they are negative, that attempting to change them means taking a closer, much more realistic look at the negativity we have been experiencing for so long. It means finding the TRUTH of WHO WE ARE and WHO WE ARE NOT. It also means accepting that the way we have been allowing ourselves to live for so long just might be all wrong. And even the thought of this can be uncomfortable.

We certainly don’t have to move outside of our comfort zone or take a closer look at our lives. We are NEVER forced to do anything we don’t want to do. But if we don’t, it simply means we will stay stuck in that unhappy, yet comfortable and controlled place indefinitely until we decide we truly are ready to see our lives improve for the better, even if it is uncomfortable for us at first.

The important thing to know in all of this is that it DOES get better and we CAN and WILL see wonderful things for ourselves and our lives if only we do decide to move forward outside of our comfort zone and allow real change into our lives. We have to know that we can feel better and have a higher level of self empowerment and self confidence about the outcomes and situations in our lives.

So how do we ease transition for ourselves?

The very best way to ease the transition that change brings into our lives is by focusing on the end result that we desire and how much better our lives will be when we have integrated it fully into our lives. We must also know that the discomfort that comes along with change is also very temporary, and no matter how uncomfortable it may seem to us, it has far less power than the improvement will.

Plus, focusing all our energy on the positive outcome we are trying to create rather than the negative one we are currently in can actually help us manifest it into our lives as a reality rather than maintaining where we are by focusing on the bad in our lives.

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