How Cutting the Cords Can Change Your Life

Energetic cords are fairly passive two-way energetic connections that can drain our energy. They can come from either positive or negative Souls and their effects are very subtle. We can create cords with just about anyone we have a relationship with, whether that be a parent, friend, family member, or even a co-worker.

Cords are usually formed when we create an emotional relationship with another person who is significant in our lives at that time. They can only come from someone who is incarnated, so they will not be in place due to past-life relationships. Just like any other form of negative energy that can affect us, we do have to allow them to be put in place, and we do that by allowing another’s actions to affect us on an emotional level. The mechanism of placement for these is when we respond to another’s actions through an emotional reaction.

The problem with cords is that when they are in place, our energy is not fully our own. Our energy may actually go toward others’ projects, goals, ideas, and outcomes, rather than our own. Cords can also create resentment in the affected relationships because we intuitively know that our energy is being drained by that person, yet we do not know why.

A second type of energetic connection that can drain our energy and cause us even more difficulty is called a hook. The primary difference between a hook and a cord is that cords are much more easily formed than hooks. A cord can come from or go to a parent, a child, a doctor, a teacher, a lover, brother, sister, co-worker… you name it – anyone we have even a semi-significant relationship with. A hook, on the other hand, is placed in our energy body, directly into our chakra system, and comes from either a negative, or a weak and disempowered Soul that does not have the ability to find strength enough within themselves to create and draw on their own sources of energy.

It is truly an act of disempowerment when another Soul places a hook in our energy field, both on their part because they are making the choice to draw on another’s energy, but also on our part by allowing it to be put into place, even though we do this at a subconscious level. Hooks also have ‘programs’ attached to them and that energy is brought directly into our energy field from the hook, having a negative effect on the energy our chakras draw in and send out into the world.

While this sounds like it might be some form of ‘magic’ or a ‘spell’ that is cast on us, I assure you it is not. It is really more about our emotional response to another’s actions that allows the hook to be placed into our energy field. We still have to ALLOW a hook to take hold in our energy field. Just like any other form of negative energy, it simply cannot get there without us allowing it to be placed.

An example of a cord or hook being formed and negatively affecting us might be from an ex-husband or father with whom you do not now or never had a good relationship with. I’ve also seen cords and hooks to individuals who are close friends that someone has had for years, but that friend is a rather weak or disempowered Soul that feels they need to draw on someone else’s energy in order to succeed in their own life. They can even be formed with healers or teachers that we have had close enough relationships with.

Of course, it would be very hard to say that we should go through life without being emotionally connected to another person, but keep in mind that these connections are not in either Soul’s best interest. The reason for this is that both hooks and cords act as a form of energy theft on the part of the Soul who places them there. Therefore, if you have allowed a cord to enter your energy field from another Soul, you are also allowing that Soul to utilize a portion of your energy. What that means is that you do not have full access to all of your own energy and your energy may even be utilized for another’s projects and ideas, which certainly does not benefit you and your life in achieving your own goals.

Why would we allow such a thing to be done to us?

It often happens when we feel compassion for another Soul who is having a difficult time and so we allow their problems to affect us in negative ways. The important thing to remember the next time you feel compassion for someone else having a tough time is that yes, you can assist them by offering advice and perhaps assistance they need, but if you feel yourself starting to be pulled into their “drama” to the point where you are getting, frustrated, angry, resentful, or having any other emotional reaction, that could very well mean that a hook or cord is being formed and THAT is precisely the time to pull back away from them and stop helping them.

How can this be resolved in a session with me?

Both cords and hooks can be cut and permanently dissolved during a session with me just as any other form of negative energy is cleared utilizing the Akashic Records as the mode of healing. By giving me a list of individuals you feel may be draining your energy, I can look into your Soul Record and identify what cords and hooks are there and from whom, and what programs the hooks are bringing in if there are any.

I then ask that they be removed and that those individuals be kept permanently outside your spheres of protective energy, which are restored in the clearing if you do not have any currently, which most individuals do not when they come to me for clearing work. Spheres of protection are essential to our energetic health and can get eaten away over time if we are not aware that we have them and as we interact with negativity on a daily basis, so restoring them is a key part of any clearing work that I do for my clients.

How can a Cord Cutting session change your life?

It’s actually very simple, really. Because an energetic connection to another individual is currently draining your energy, when you cut and dissolve the connections, much more of your energy is suddenly your own again, as it was intended to be. And suddenly, less of your precious energy is going toward others’ projects, goals and ideas. You see that things start going a lot better and easier for you than they were before. You are much more at peace in your life and even in that relationship because your energy is no longer going to where it was not intended to go.

Things may not be quite so easy for the individuals who were receiving your energy as a result, because they may have come to rely on that energy they were receiving from you. They will even try to engage you in some manner emotionally to get that energy back, but technically they cannot because they are now being kept outside your protective spheres of energy and further ‘energetic’ contact is now disallowed with them permanently.

When I went into my own record and cut and dissolved as many hooks and cords as I could find, I saw a significant increase in the flow of my business and my income jumped up. I felt a heck of a lot better in general and about my current circumstances because I could feel that all my energy was my own again.

How can we keep cords and hooks from being formed?

Because the mechanism of connection is usually an emotional reaction or response to another individual, the important thing to remember here is to stay in a state of emotional non-reaction as much as possible. While we can always fairly easily clear connections such as these in a Cord Cutting Session, it is far better to stop them from being formed in the first place by not overreacting to other’s actions and choices. Yes, you always want to clear out the past connections to others through a clearing session, but you must also realize the importance of changing behavior patterns going forward in your life so you do not allow the same level of negative energy to affect you ever again.

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