How to Manifest a Happy Life in 2012

Manifestation – this is quite an interesting topic, I have to say. There is a TON of material out there on this topic, as I’m sure many of you know. But how much of it works for you? Maybe some does, maybe it doesn’t. Or maybe it’s inconsistent in the way it works, or maybe it works once because it’s new and you’re excited about it, but then never again.

Well, there is a reason for that.

It’s because one person’s manifestation process may or may not be the same as another person’s. In fact, that’s the most likely scenario. We each have our own unique way of creating and manifesting just like we each have our own fingerprint. We each communicate our wants and needs to the Universe through different energetic means, so that means we each have our own unique Manifestation Process.

Because our intent and beliefs are ALWAYS the driving factor behind the outcomes in our lives, we must be able to effectively visualize, feel, and KNOW with all certainty the outcome we desire will come to pass. We can’t treat it like a question where we wonder whether or not it will happen, because that sends the message to the Universe that we don’t REALLY BELIEVE that it will happen.

Instead, we must act as if it will come to pass, no matter what it is. We are simply waiting for it to appear because we know with all certainty that it is very much on its way to us. But in order to do that, we must be able to fully step into that energy and the experience we want to create so we can effectively send that energy out into the Universe for our desires to be answered.

Manifestation is very much a state of being rather than a want. Yet desire, visualization and intent drive it. Desire is an extremely powerful energy that, if used effectively, can really help us harness our energy to create the life we are longing for.

But how do we go about harnessing this powerful energy?

To find that answer, I have been experimenting with some of my current clients on this for some time now and starting this week, I am offering a very special type of reading so that my clients can move confidently into 2012 with the ability to manifest their desires.

I will channel your Personalized Manifestation Process for you.

This might include visualization or utilizing certain words in a prayer to make your request. Or it might require you taking a certain action. For everyone it truly is unique and different. But no matter what I get, you will know that it is unique and ONLY FOR YOU. And this manifestation process can work for anything you like, whether it is to improve your relationships, bring more money into your life, or find and secure your dream job. Because in 2012, it’s all about creating the life that we WANT.

This reading also has a clearing component as well. Often times, the reason that our manifestation efforts do not work is that we have blocks in the form of negative energy stopping us from achieving success in our manifestation efforts. Different levels of clearing may be required on this for everyone, so I have done my best to create a package that will cover just about everyone’s needs.

What kind of results have my clients seen from their Personalized Manifestation Processes?

One client’s manifestation process involved invoking each of 7 Archangels.  After her clearing and working with her manifestation process, she manifested $6000 in new and unexpected business two days later  The following week, the same client manifested the reduction of a $3000 balance due to the IRS.

Another client’s process included the action of writing out her income goal for the week and posting it on her calendar in conjunction with using specific words in a prayer to make the request. Following the clearing, she was able to consistently meet and exceed her income goals week after week.

Start off 2012 the right way … with the ability to create and manifest your desires in your own unique way!


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