It’s All About the Learning Experiences

How many times have you been confronted by a problem or issue that keeps recurring? I know for me, it most certainly does happen. I’ve been exploring this issue lately and here is what I have come up with…

Too often we find ourselves in a situation where we are not happy or are looking for a way out of it. What we fail to realize at the time is that it is occurring for a REASON. And until we learn what that reason is and what it is we are supposed to take away from it, it will keep occurring over and over. I can remember many times in the past when I have felt like I was banging my head against the proverbial wall in an effort to understand WHY something was happening to me. And I clearly remember experiencing this over the same issue time and time again. It wasn’t until I started all of the clearing work that I do now that things started to get better.

I can honestly look back on things now, from a more positive place with the understanding that there was something there for me to learn. And I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately with a few areas of my life, but this time around I know that instead of getting frustrated with a situation and trying to “get out” of it, I rather have to “dive in head first” and take a look around. OK, maybe that’s going a bit far, but what I will do now is stop, take a good look around me from an OBJECTIVE point of view to see what it is I can learn. And really, the best way to do this is without emotion. When you take the emotion out of it, the situation truly loses its power over you and you can see it just for what it is – a learning experience.

Ultimately, and above all else, we are here for the shear learning experience. The interesting thing about it, though, is that because we actually create all of our experiences, we are also the ones who create the issues or problems so that we CAN learn whatever that lesson may be. A friend and I were having an email discussion about this over the past couple of days (Thank you Carrie for your amazing perspective on this issue! You have truly enlightened me. :~).

Her take on it is that we actually make room for negativity in our energetic space (in the form of these problems and issues). Well, she is DEAD ON. We do. We create it. We allow it. We experience it. Why? Isn’t that the million dollar question…

Yes, it’s all part of the learning experience of course. But I think it goes much deeper than that. My take on it is that it has to do with the fact that life is constant change. It’s all about evolving and growing and taking the next step up. But the thing is some of us get tired, perhaps because we don’t take good care of our bodies or because we are in the wrong careers, or we have simply become STUCK and think we can’t find a good way to move forward. We have literally allowed ourselves to become complacent and stuck in our own negative patterns.

The ironic thing is, however, that this negativity is precisely what keeps us from allowing transformation to occur in our lives. Make no mistake, we ALLOW it. Why? I think it’s because at the root of it all, we fear change. We fear that the change that is put before us may not, in fact, take us to a better place. We forget that change is ALWAYS for the better in the end, even if the transition is uncomfortable. It’s just another learning experience that we are meant to handle with grace and poise, rather than fear and confusion. We are meant to learn from it, NOT run from it!

The other truly astounding thing Carrie said was this (not a direct quote)…

If we would only stop judging people, places, situations, then we wouldn’t create circumstances in which we actually “needed” negativity to fulfill any purpose for us.

How simple, yet perfectly brilliant is that?!

I mean think about it – it is precisely that – our judgment, or opinion, of a situation that creates the need for negativity, because we are closing our minds to the learning experience – to the whole reason we came here in the first place. When we judge, we are actively creating a misalignment between ourselves and Divine Source energy, which in turn opens us up to all sorts of negativity.

Is it worth it, really?

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