5 Essential Reasons to Get a Past Life Reading and Clearing

Most clients that find me and come in for clearing work have an intuitive sense that they need to clear the energy that they still carry around past-life experiences. They believe in the concept of reincarnation so they know that not only have they been here before, but they may very well be here again, and whatever they do not deal with now, they will have to deal with later on, whether it is in this life or another. They have a knowing of the importance of clearing this energy because to them it feels like some sort of invisible baggage weighing them down and keeping them from moving forward toward the goals they are trying to achieve in their lives. They have a deep understanding that there is a larger picture than simply what they can see around them.

This is a fairly good description of the client that seeks me out and immediately resonates with what I am offering as soon as they find me. But what if that doesn’t describe you? What if you have heard of a Past-Life clearing, Soul Clearing, or Akashic Record reading, but you don’t really understand the value in it and what it can do for you in real, tangible terms?

Reason #1: Clearing out the Past.

The single largest misconception I run into about this work, even among individuals who believe in reincarnation, is that there is little or no need to focus on past lives because we are not currently in that lifetime. The problem with that is that by overlooking everything you may have experienced in a past life simply because you are not there, it’s like overlooking the experiences of your childhood because you are now an adult.

You simply can’t expect what you have experienced and is a real and vital part of you to simply vanish because you don’t want to face it or acknowledge that it happened. What happened to us in past lives is just as significant as what happened to us ten or twenty years ago, whether we willingly want to admit it or not, and until we can face it and deal with it head on, it will continue to come back to us in one way or another.

Reason #2: Like Attracts Like.

This leads me to my second point, and this is very simple, almost as simple as arithmetic. We’ve all heard the saying “like attracts like.” Well it’s true, and especially so in the Universe we are living in. It’s one of the foundations for how things work here, plain and simple. So if you are carrying a lot of negative energy, no matter whether it is from past lives or the present one, you will attract negative things into your life because that negative energy is simply a part of your existence.

So take a look around at your life. What are you attracting? Are you attracting all good things? Or a mix of good and bad? Or way too much bad?

If you’re not attracting all good into your life, then somewhere in your existence and your energy field there is something that matches that vibration. It’s really not more complicated than that.

And when it comes to the manifestation process and opportunities that appear before us, the same thing applies. How can you manifest anything good into your life consistently and deliberately if your energetic vibration is a match for lower, negative energies? You can’t, and unfortunately, the really good opportunities won’t come your way either.

Reason #3: New and Better Choices.

The one thing that a Past-Life Clearing does that a Present-Life Clearing will not do is work on what we refer to as your Golden Web. And just to give you an idea, the Golden Web is an energetic structure that holds our energy bodies intact. It consists of 144,000 intersection points that represent all of our available choices in this lifetime. It also holds our energy bodies together and keeps us in alignment with our highest path and purpose. It also transmits information about our choices and actions back to the Akashic Records.

This web can actually get tears in it from past-life experiences that will typically only be found in a past-life reading & clearing. If you have a tear in the Golden Web, it will act as an “energy leak” for you, causing you to lose valuable energy, and will also render choices unavailable to you that you were meant to have.

Are you starting to wonder what you might have been missing out on in your life until now?

Reason #4: Unparalleled Clarity and Freedom.

Another point I’d like to touch on about the value of a Past-Life Clearing is the level of clarity you get as a result of this work. First of all, if you think about it, the energy around negative experiences that you have been carrying not just for years, but for LIFETIMES, is suddenly cleared. This isn’t something that you accumulated over the last few months or years, but over lifetimes and you have been carrying around with you.

Can you imagine the feeling of that being gone? That weight suddenly being lifted from you? What would that feel like? In a word – FREEDOM.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that they’ve been carrying this negative energy for so long that they don’t even realize it’s there. They’ve simply become accustomed to it. So, of course, if someone doesn’t realize it’s there, why would they see a need to clear it? More than likely they wouldn’t. But I assure you, negative energy surrounding experiences from past lifetimes is very real and it can weigh you down more than you think.

Reason #5: Discover Your Soul’s Purpose.

Another important aspect of a Past-Life Reading is that you get what is referred to as a Soul Profile, or a description of who you are at Soul-level and all the gifts and talents you have brought with you into this life. Why is this important?

Simply put, if you do not know who you are at Soul-level and what all of your gifts and talents are, you may not be fully expressing them. Fulfilling our purpose here means expressing ALL of our gifts and talents to the greatest extent that we can. If we are not fulfilling your purpose, we are not living a truly abundant life, because true abundance lies along our path and purpose. But if we don’t have a full understanding of who we are, we can’t fulfill our purpose and we won’t have full access to the level of abundance we were meant to have.

You see, the deeper an understanding that we have of who we are in all aspects of ourselves and ALL of our gifts and talents, the more we can utilize that knowing to express ourselves in this world.

A Past-Life Reading and Clearing not only helps you fully understand who you are at Soul-level, but it also gives you the realizations that you need to explain to you why you currently are where you are in your life and how you came to be there. The level of profound awareness it gives you is truly beyond compare.

2 Comments on “5 Essential Reasons to Get a Past Life Reading and Clearing”

  1. Suzanne Moore

    This page is very interesting to me. I am a christian woman, 43yrs old, and I have known since I was a child that I have experienced more than what I know from this life. I carry experiences and emotions that I feel attached to but I am not sure if they are mine or if I inherited them from somewhere else. I have a constant sense of mourning, but not depression, that I am not sure how to deal with or am I suppose to be doing something about it? What is my purpose and how can I get past this handicapping emotional grip?

    1. admin

      Hey Suzanne! We often carry feelings like this from past experiences that we do not completely understand at the conscious level. Most often, it is our Soul’s way of hanging onto these experiences as “energetic baggage” so that we do not have to experience them ever again. It’s usually an experience that hurt us very deeply that we do not, for the life of us, want to have again. The problem with that is that by holding on to these experiences, or rather the negative energy from them, we can actually attract the same thing over and over again without meaning to. That’s where what I do comes into play. I am able to find that past experience for you and the “energetic baggage” you are still holding onto as a result of it and clear it away, while leaving the learning experiences there, so you can move on from it without ever having to worry about repeating it again.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and commenting! :~)

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