Why Change Is A Good Thing

As I find myself in the midst of many changes in my life, I have come to realize that change, while often uncomfortable, makes way for new and exciting things. Change is a good thing: it allows us to grow in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise, even if it doesn’t feel like a good experience at the time.

And with new growth comes new rewards, though they may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes the benefits are much more far-reaching than we realize. We tend to be so focused on the current state of things that we miss the big picture. And let me say, in my personal experience, the big picture usually offers the best perspective.

When we achieve that bird’s eye point of view, we can look at our lives in a way that allows us to step back from the nitpicky details, decisions, and emotions that distract us from seeing what is really happening and what is truly important. Only when we take the time to look at things from a higher perspective can we see that everything happens in Divine timing and that perfection is right in front of us.

But how can we reach those heights when our worries, bills, and to-do lists are tugging at our sleeves?

The answer is to take time out to completely separate ourselves from the nagging details that are driving us crazy. This allows us to decompress long enough to regain both sanity and proper perspective.

With this in mind, I issue a challenge: take 30 minutes out of your schedule this week to do absolutely nothing and to be completely and utterly SELFISH!

Go to Starbucks, order your favorite coffee, sit and enjoy it. Watch your favorite TV show. Go to the park and daydream on a bench or go to your favorite bookstore or library and browse the books and magazines. Do it for no other reason than just because you can!

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