How to Communicate with Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the part of you that resides on the spiritual plane and contains the knowledge of all that you came to do and were designed to be. It’s what you are constantly striving to be in your most evolved state along your journey on your path and your purpose. It’s the part of your totality designed to … Read More

What Happens During An Akashic Records Reading?

What happens during an Akashic Records Reading? An Akashic Records Reading offers clients a way to access their Soul History. They can take many forms. The most important function that they serve is that of providing information to the client. This can be anything from information about past life experiences to advice on future decisions. A reading can provide great … Read More

The Akashic Records: Your Journey to Enlightenment

Do you find yourself wondering about how your past affects your present, or even your future? Or where the source of a particular problem or issues lies in your past? How it came to be such an issue? What the chain of events were exactly that led you to where you are today? Perhaps even how you can shift things … Read More

How Subconscious Programming Works

Did you ever wonder how subconscious programming works? Well, I’m going to tell you. Basically, the subconscious is the best protective mechanism we have. It controls all of our bodily functions so we don’t have to think about them. This means that it’s really easily programmed so that it can do this for us. It also helps us operate through … Read More

Your Soul Wants You to Be Abundant

Your Soul wants you to live an abundant life. Your Soul wants you to be happy. It also wants to express itself as fully as possible. That means expressing its gifts in every way it can. But if we don’t know what those are and what that means, how can we express them in our daily lives? We can’t. When … Read More

Fear: Your Greatest Teacher and Your Worst Enemy

Fears – we all have them. And they can be concerning just about anything. They serve a great purpose for us, whether we realize it or not, and can teach us SO much. Fears can act as a protective mechanism, keeping us from going into harm’s way, and letting us know when we need to pay close attention to something. … Read More