How to Communicate with Your Higher Self

higher self soulYour Higher Self is the part of you that resides on the spiritual plane and contains the knowledge of all that you came to do and were designed to be. It’s what you are constantly striving to be in your most evolved state along your journey on your path and your purpose. It’s the part of your totality designed to help guide you along your path and into your purpose.

It’s always there waiting to connect with you and communicate with you. It wants to and no matter how disconnected you are, your Higher Self consistently tries to get through to you, sending you urges and messages all the time, even if you don’t realize it.

Your Higher Self is filled to the brim with wisdom and guidance on all things spiritual and on your collective experiences in this lifetime and many others as well, and it wants to share that guidance with you to help you in your current life situations.

There are several ways to connect with your Higher Self. The first and easiest for many people is to imagine what your Higher Self looks like. Does he or she look like you? Imagine meeting with him or her. If you were able to meet with him or her, what would you say? What response would you get if you asked a question?

The next best way to connect is to try journaling. Open up a Word document and type out a question, but direct it toward your Higher Self. What comes to mind in response to your question? Start typing what thoughts come to mind and just see where it goes.

If you are finding that you are having difficulty getting a solid connection with your Higher Self, you may be blocked when it comes to receiving messages and guidance from him or her. In that case, clearing blocks to make it easier to communicate with him or her would benefit you greatly. Blocks to communicating with Spirit can come in any form from past experiences that affected you in a negative manner, but once cleared, can really open the pathway to help you receive messages from Spirit. Often we have so much more ability to communicate with our helpers in Spirit than we realize, and clearing away what is blocking us from experiencing that can really shift our perspective on out own abilities to a much more powerful place.

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