Fear: Your Greatest Teacher and Your Worst Enemy

deepest fearsFears – we all have them. And they can be concerning just about anything. They serve a great purpose for us, whether we realize it or not, and can teach us SO much. Fears can act as a protective mechanism, keeping us from going into harm’s way, and letting us know when we need to pay close attention to something.

But the reason for that is because they also indicate to us that something from our past needs to be looked at more closely. Unfortunately, our deepest fears can very easily help us to recreate circumstances from our past because we attract what we are in alignment with, and if we have fears that linger, we can very easily attract more of the same.

Even still, fears are not the easiest for us to identify. Many of us have underlying fears that we don’t even know are there. And that is precisely what can make them your worst enemy – because they are hidden and so are their effects on you.

How do you know that a fear is blocking you from being successful?

It’s pretty simple, actually. There is this underlying feeling that no matter what you do to try and succeed it won’t work. You know intuitively something is blocking you.

Your fears can manifest in SO many ways. But the biggest way, by far, they show up is in our self-confidence level. Because we intuitively know something is blocking us from achieving our goals and the outcomes we desire for ourselves, we become unsure of ourselves and the choices we are making. We even start to think there is something wrong with us because we just can’t seem to make what we want happen.

It’s not that there is something WRONG with us. It means something is blocking the flow.

And in this case, it would be a fear blocking the flow of abundance to us. Fears can not only make us want to stop manifesting anything positive, but an underlying fear can stress us out so much that we are just not capable of creating anything positive for ourselves.

Another big indicator that a fear is blocking you is a lack of energy or motivation to succeed. Because you know intuitively that something is blocking you, you might just stop trying altogether, because what is the point anyway if something is just going to stop you from succeeding? Depression can even come along with this lack of motivation.

The problem is, we often don’t know what’s happening until we have confronted and dealt with our fears. Because once we do, and we finally move on from them for good, the depression lifts. We are no longer unsure of ourselves and we move forward with confidence and motivation once again in the direction of our dreams.

The difference now is that there is nothing standing in our way of achieving it.


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