How Subconscious Programming Works

subconscious programmingDid you ever wonder how subconscious programming works? Well, I’m going to tell you.

Basically, the subconscious is the best protective mechanism we have. It controls all of our bodily functions so we don’t have to think about them. This means that it’s really easily programmed so that it can do this for us. It also helps us operate through daily tasks we do all the time without even a second thought.

The subconscious is kind of like a double-edged sword. It’s so easily programmed, in fact, that it is also responsible for those immediate and what seem to be automatically triggered emotional responses we have to situations. Emotions like fear and anxiety typically originate in the subconscious and truly are great protective mechanisms – that is, when we are in situations that are actually dangerous for us.

The problem is, often the subconscious reacts to situations in that manner that aren’t dangerous for us. It doesn’t discern and can’t rationalize like the conscious mind can. So this creates a problem for us. Because of our subconscious reaction to a situation, we might automatically assume we are in a dangerous situation, when really we are not, or maybe it’s not nearly as bad as our subconscious leads us to believe.

Not only that, it blocks your vision of your life so that all you see is what the program says or is designed to do. Basically, it blocks you from seeing the truth of your life, which underneath all the negative programming, is actually positive in nature. It’s just that you are blocked from seeing because your subconscious is programmed to protect you from harming yourself.

So is it possible to release and clear away this negative, fear based programming? Yes, it is!

It’s pretty simple actually, and I do it all the time for my clients – clearing to release old negative subconscious programming that no longer serves them so that it can be replaced with newer, more positive programming that does serve them going forward so they can have the life they truly desire for themselves without their subconscious getting in the way anymore.

Are you interested in identifying old, negative subconscious programming that no longer serves you and replacing it with newer, more positive programming that does serve you so you can live the abundant life of your dreams? Book an Akashic Records Reading and Energy Clearing for Abundance today!

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