What Happens During An Akashic Records Reading?

akashic records readingWhat happens during an Akashic Records Reading?

An Akashic Records Reading offers clients a way to access their Soul History. They can take many forms. The most important function that they serve is that of providing information to the client. This can be anything from information about past life experiences to advice on future decisions.

A reading can provide great insight for the client when it is otherwise lacking in their lives because they do not have the clarity or objectivity they need to understand their situation they are in or how things came to be the way they are.

The readings I do typically fall into one of two categories – either gathering information or clearing negative energy from past experiences. I gather information based on a protocol of questions I have to ask, such as when I complete my Akashic Records Soul Profile Mini Reading for a client, or based on what questions they have they would like answered.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to conduct an Akashic Records Reading – it is really determined by what the client needs at the time and what will help them get what they want for themselves, but the best results, by far, are achieved by clearing negative energy from past experiences during a session.

The reason why is that we can ask all the questions in the world, but even when we have answers they don’t always urge us to take action. But clearing can, and it can clear the way for us to get to where we want to be rather than simply trying to figure out where we are or how we got there.

The client provides me with some simple information, including birth name, place of birth and date of birth and I gather information for them, whether that is questions they want answered or information about their Soul’s history. If any clearing is to be done during the session, the client also provides me with the intent or desired outcome they want to see for their lives.

When they do this, they are setting in motion the course of events they wish to take place in their lives. It is the beginning steps of an active manifestation. When the clearing takes place, and the roadblocks keeping the client from experiencing their desired outcome are cleared away, they have an open pathway to what they want. All they have to do is take the steps to get there.

Once the information gathering and clearing is completed by me, I then put together a written report for the client detailing what was cleared and often channeled guidance is included in the report. I also provide guidance and information by phone and email for clients as well.

Would you like to try an Akashic Records Reading? The Akashic Records Soul Profile Mini Reading I offer is a great way to get your “feet wet” with a low investment and learn all about who you are at Soul-level. It includes all of the following:

      • Soul Group of Origination – Where you’re REALLY from
      • Primary Archangelic Realm – Your Spiritual DNA … Your Soul Design
      • Spiritual Order & Soul Specialty – Your Soul-level “jobs” or careers
      • Primary Life Lesson – Your biggest challenge … and how it affects you
      • Most Significant Past Lives – How your past lives influence your present lifetime and stop you from receiving and manifesting abundance
      • Mystery School(s) – Past life wisdom brought into your current lifetime
      • Gifts from Spirit – Spiritual Tools given to you to help you on your path
      • Blocks to Abundance – Identify the most basic blocks that MUST be cleared to open the flow of abundance
      • Your Soul Purpose and Unique Gifts – Channeled description of your Soul Purpose and unique Soul-level gifts and talents and how to apply them in your life to open the flow of abundance

All this in a written PDF report, you can refer back to again and again! Email me at sallie@psynergywellness.com to get this reading today!

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  1. Shad Morris

    I had no idea that there were so many great benefits to akashic readings! One thing that stood out to me is that it can help you realize your biggest challenges, and how they affect you. It would be nice to see all of this, and learn from it.

  2. Past Life Regression QHHT

    Thank you for outlining the benefits of akashic reading. Many people do not know about akashic readings and what they can provide. Some people may be intimidated or scared of it, but I think this post is full of great introduction and can help people realize the benefits of akashic readings. Thanks for sharing!

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