Cosmetic Issues and Self-Confidence

Most of us know that our self-confidence level is directly linked to how we look. Take for example, cosmetic issues like skin, hair, teeth, or weight. When we have blemishes on our skin, or our teeth are not perfectly straight and white, or we are carrying extra weight that we just can’t seem to get rid of, we tend to … Read More

Intelligence is a Choice

It is a commonly held belief that our intelligence level is to some degree predetermined for us. But is that really true? Let’s think about this for a minute and how it relates to the concept of accountability, for example. In order to be accountable you have to be intelligent. The reason why is that in order to be accountable … Read More

Your Planetary Origin and Soul Group: What Is It?

There are different types of Soul Groups that people make references to, and the one most widely referenced is the group of Souls that acts like a “family” for you on the Spiritual Plane. These Souls have chosen to reincarnate together over and over to help one another learn and complete the life lessons they agree to while incarnated. With … Read More

Stepping Forward Means Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

The work that I do brings great change into my clients’ lives. It may not always happen overnight or all at once, or even in the way they expected, but it does happen. Most people sense that about the work and are somewhat daunted by the propensity it has to change things. This can even make them nervous about booking … Read More

Understanding Our Relationships Means Understanding Ourselves

Too often, we get irritated with those in our lives too quickly before considering that there might be a valuable lesson or awareness within the dynamics of the relationship we are a part of. What we are so blatantly missing is that our relationships are a mirror through which we can see deeply into ourselves, if only we would choose … Read More

Healing the Soul, Part 3

Continuing my discussion about the design of our Soul and knowing it, I would like to share with you another part of our Soul Design that is very unique and at the same time, very important to us. It’s called the Soul Overlay Diagram and it represents some aspects of ourselves that it is essential that we understand if we … Read More