Healing the Soul, Part 3

Soul Design Healing the SoulContinuing my discussion about the design of our Soul and knowing it, I would like to share with you another part of our Soul Design that is very unique and at the same time, very important to us. It’s called the Soul Overlay Diagram and it represents some aspects of ourselves that it is essential that we understand if we are to truly know ourselves.

Your Soul Overlay Diagram is a visual representation of the past, present and future experiences of your Soul and the integration of those experiences into your Soul.

It consists of three parts: your True Self, your False Self, and your Creation Symbol.

  • The True Self is located in the back area, hidden from the view of others and is a representation of WHO YOU TRULY ARE at Soul-level.
  • The False Self is located in the front, and is primarily what we want others to see about us. It is ALL THAT WE ARE NOT.
  • The Creation Symbol is located in the head area and is a representation of how we create our life and circumstances and how we manifest.

There is a fourth part, which connects the 3 designs into a square at the bottom, but it is not particularly unique to each person – ie. most of the designs are the same.

With each new lifetime, we create a brand new design for the False Self. The point during our lifetime is to integrate all the parts. In other words, this means experiencing ALL aspects of ourselves, both WHAT WE ARE and WHAT WE ARE NOT and utilizing ALL of our gifts and talents that we have cultivated at Soul-level.

True integration of all parts can only be achieved by fully experiencing both the True Self AND the False Self. This is, in essence, the purpose of us having learning experiences, for if we do not allow ourselves to experience anything new, we cannot possible grow as human beings or as Souls, and the further we step outside of our comfort zone, the more growth we will achieve through our experiences.

When we do successfully integrate all of the parts together, the most amazing thing happens – the bottom part of the ‘square’ created by all of the designs lights up, and as a result, lights up the Soul. The three designs then reintegrate into the Soul to create an entirely new Soul Design, actually modifying our Soul Blueprint, made up of all the gifts, talents, and experiences from both previous lifetimes and also our current lifetime.

This Soul then goes on to repeat the process in the next lifetime with an entirely new False Self. For it is only through these new and different experiences that we can learn and truly become someone entirely new, remade after each new experience into something better and even more refined than before.

Here are some examples of these designs as I have seen and created them:


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