Intelligence is a Choice

Consciousness and IntelligenceIt is a commonly held belief that our intelligence level is to some degree predetermined for us. But is that really true? Let’s think about this for a minute and how it relates to the concept of accountability, for example.

In order to be accountable you have to be intelligent. The reason why is that in order to be accountable for your actions and choices, you have to fully understand your motivations, as well as the effect your actions, words, and choices have on others. You can either choose to look this deeply into things or not, but in the end it is a choice. YOUR choice.

But here’s the tricky part and the part that makes most people stay in darkness and ignorance. Simply put, it’s easier for them, because, in order to understand the effects of your actions, you have to FEEL something for other individuals in your life. You actually have to CARE what happens to them. And it does require some thought both to CARE and to FEEL, especially when the feeling isn’t so great.

Actively CHOOSING to ignore the result our actions have on our life and the lives of others while simply blaming it on ignorance or lack of knowledge is, in my opinion, simply a lack of effort and pure lack of desire to truly make a difference in our life and the life of others. I have seen many Souls who are purely negative in nature act this way, simply allowing it to be thought by others that they are “stupid” or just didn’t know any better.

And if you really stop and think about ignorance and how much it aligns to negativity, then you will see that there really is a connection between the two, and if there is a connection, then perhaps it is a choice? The truth is, in my opinion, most of the time, we DO KNOW and we have CHOSEN to ignore the truth on some level, whether it is a consciously or not.

We can either choose to make things better for this world and for others, or we cannot. It’s all up to us. Because when it comes down to it, even if we do not know or are not aware to start with, we can ALWAYS learn. We can ALWAYS improve. We can ALWAYS ask. We can ALWAYS CHOOSE to know. We can ALWAYS CHOOSE to CARE, to be MORE AWARE and to be MORE CONSCIOUS of our actions and choices. But the choice NOT TO KNOW and NOT TO CARE is ALWAYS a negative one.

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