Cosmetic Issues and Self-Confidence

Self-confidenceMost of us know that our self-confidence level is directly linked to how we look. Take for example, cosmetic issues like skin, hair, teeth, or weight. When we have blemishes on our skin, or our teeth are not perfectly straight and white, or we are carrying extra weight that we just can’t seem to get rid of, we tend to do things to cover ourselves up in one way or another, or “fix” things if we can. We have a tendency to want to hide ourselves from the world just to avoid comments from other people. We are, in effect, hiding from the world because we feel like it is necessary.

However, what most of us are missing is what leaving these issues unresolved does to our self-esteem and how we interact with the world because they can lead us to be unsure of ourselves and in turn, the world responds to us in the same way. It can lead us to take actions and make choices that do not allow us to live out our full potential, because they are so distracting and disheartening.

What we so often miss, or perhaps even choose to ignore, is the importance of resolving these issues at their source, rather than just covering them up, so that we can interact with the world with more confidence and freedom. Because in the end, it’s never really about the issues that are on the surface. It’s what lies beneath them and what their true source is that matters.

But what is it we are hiding from, really? Is it possible that those cosmetic issues are really just an EXCUSE for us to hide our TRUE SELVES?

I believe that surface issues like skin and hair and weight are truly an outer manifestation of our inner level of self confidence. I truly think that these issues are ways we manifest to avoid dealing with social situations that make us uncomfortable. After all, it’s far easier to hide and avoid a situation than it is to fully shine our light and express our true selves to the world. In order to do that, we have to fully step into our power and that can be pretty scary, especially when we find out just how powerful we are as light beings.

But how do we manifest them?

We manifest them by allowing ourselves to have poor eating habits, or little or no exercise, or to be put in situations that are not helpful to us emotionally or mentally. We manifest them by not standing up for ourselves and what is right for us. It’s like sending out the message to the world that we are worth less than we truly are and the world responds in kind, sending that energy back right to us.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it possible that we do this to ourselves all in an attempt to avoid standing up for ourselves and shining our true light on the world? Simply put, I think so. We know it will force us to deal with things from our past that we don’t want to deal with. Because in order to breakthrough the darkness and reach the light, we must face it and move beyond it. There’s simply no other way. But that doesn’t mean it has to be painful.

But what does it feel like to be on the other side? To really be in the light and OWN WHO YOU ARE and what you are capable of as a human being and a lightworker?

Some of us may never find out. It really depends on the issue, and if there is a way to heal it, and then if we are fortunate enough to find out what it is. Some may even wish to stay hidden as a way of escaping the world that we have so long hidden from, simply because they have always lived that way and they don’t see any other way.

But what we’re missing out on when we don’t allow ourselves to fully heal is that wonderful level of self-confidence we CAN have by being fully healthy. When we are there, in that space where we are fully confident in ourselves and our abilities as beings of light, NOTHING can touch us. In fact, all negativity just repels off of us, because we are just THAT much stronger than it.

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