Understanding Our Relationships Means Understanding Ourselves

RelationshipsToo often, we get irritated with those in our lives too quickly before considering that there might be a valuable lesson or awareness within the dynamics of the relationship we are a part of. What we are so blatantly missing is that our relationships are a mirror through which we can see deeply into ourselves, if only we would choose to look. And the more openly we look and without prejudice, the more we will have the privilege of seeing.

Universal Law states that we attract to ourselves what we are and what we are in alignment with. The individuals in our lives are there for a reason – to show us something deeper about ourselves that we might not readily realize without them. And the closer the relationship, the deeper the awareness goes.

The biggest awareness comes from our relationships when we meet the greatest level of resistance in them. While on the surface, this makes us want to run in the other direction, what it actually should be doing is bringing us closer together, and if we choose to look within rather than without, we can easily see that.

This is especially true if you are in the service industry, such as a coach or healer, or even a teacher. Whether it’s the client that has an issue that you just finished working through, or the student that asks you a question that provokes you to research a new method for healing, there is this amazing parallel between our lives and the people we attract.

I can’t tell you how much I have learned about myself and ways to improve my healing work simply by working with my clients helping them solve their issues. I am truly grateful for every experience and the awareness it has brought into my life. Truly, I can’t thank them all enough!

So, the next time you feel frustrated with a relationship you are in, whether that be family, friends or coworkers, be sure to take a step outside of that box we tend to get so easily stuck in and make sure you’re not missing something deeper that you need to be aware of.

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