Our Relationship with Ourselves is the Most Valuable Relationship

Look WithinJust like our outer state is a constant reflection of our inner state, how we view ourselves is a consistent reminder of who we are and how much we value ourselves. We also express that state outwardly constantly as we move throughout our day and that state of being is the energetic magnet that attracts many of our experiences to us.

Our level of self-esteem is the very thing that attracts to us the situations and outcomes that we experience in our daily life. They are very much the direct equivalent of it in many ways. In fact, by evaluating our life situations more closely, we can easily take a much closer look at ourselves and judge just how highly we value ourselves.

Do you find yourself feeling like a victim quite a lot in your current circumstances? Does it seem like you can never “catch a break” or are always on the losing end of things? Does one thing after another just seem to “go wrong” for you on a regular basis?

Well, experiences like that are our biggest indicators that we are sending the wrong signal out into the world, because that’s exactly what we are getting back in return. I mean don’t get me wrong. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, but when it happens consistently day after day, week after week, and month after month, well there is definitely something wrong there.

It’s NOT supposed to be like that!

We are supposed to live happy, healthy lives where good comes to us – as much as we want. We are here to ENJOY our lives, first and foremost, and if we’re not doing that than something is terribly WRONG. And it’s usually something within us that needs to be looked at more closely, rather than some sort of outer influence that we have no control over. Remember, we only attract to us what we are or what we resonate with at some level.

So the next time you’re looking at your life and wondering why things have gotten so “bad” for you or why something is happening to you that is not what you would like for yourself, there is truly only one place to look for answers … LOOK WITHIN.

By doing this, we can not only improve the outer circumstances of our lives, but we can also greatly improve our relationships with ourselves and our understanding of all our past experiences so that we can move forward having better experiences for ourselves.

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