Reclaim Your Power to Manifest Abundance NOW

Often when we are lacking in some area of our lives, it is because we are missing our own power in some form. Perhaps we have given too much of it away without realizing what that would mean for us in the long run. Or perhaps it was taken from us, or rather, we allowed it to be taken from us by some choice we made or a reaction we had to a certain situation.

The truth is you cannot lose your power unless you ALLOW it to happen.

What does lacking your power look and feel like? Frustration, struggle, resentment, jealousy, and most of all ANGER. For one, it can make you very angry and resentful because you feel drained. You know something is not right. You can feel it. You just don’t know exactly what because you’re not fully aware of what is happening at the conscious level. The problem is you just don’t have the energy to do what you need to do – you simply do not have the ability to create and manifest what you need for your life because you are missing energy.

Second, it places you in the mental and emotional space of being weaker and less empowered than you really are. You feel like you are lacking BECAUSE YOU ARE. You doubt yourself and your ability to create because you know intuitively that you are not running on “full power.”

But that’s OK, because you CAN reverse it.

You CAN reclaim it and return your energy to where it belongs – to yourself. In order to be able to fully manifest and create what you desire for your life once again, you must first identify where you are losing your power and your energy. We typically lose our power to our relationships, mostly close friends and family.

By examining each of your close relationships, you can get a feel for just how much energy you are losing and where. The best way to do this is by looking at the inner dialogue of the relationship and how you feel about it. That’s going to be your biggest indicator as to whether or not you are losing power in that relationship and to that person.

If you are losing energy in a relationship, quite often it is a result of taking on too much mental and emotional responsibility for others in your life when they do not care about their own choices and actions. You have to ask yourself – if they don’t care, then why should you? It’s only draining to you and prevents you from creating what you need for your life, and it’s obviously of no consequence to them or they wouldn’t be behaving the way they do in the first place.

You also want to look at any energetic connections that might be in place along with negative programs and patterns contained within those connections. This is where a clearing can be very valuable because all types of energetic connections and programs can be easily cleared away. Once you understand the underlying dynamics and energetics of a particular relationship, you can then reverse the script in your own mind and state what you desire for the relationship going forward.

Taking these 3 steps – 1) identifying, 2) clearing, and 3) reframing – the relationship can be EXTREMELY liberating for both yourself and others. Not to mention, it returns all of your power back to you very quickly so you can move forward to have and create what you deserve.

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