Clear the Connections that Drain Your Energy

erase the pastWhen we form and maintain relationships with other people, we not only do it in the physical sense through communication and interaction, but we also do it energetically, and even spiritually. We form energetic connections through our interactions with others. Those connections can take on many forms.

Take for example, something that happened when you were younger. Say you got into a fight with your parents over a friend you wanted to see, perhaps even a boyfriend or girlfriend. You might have taken on negative karma with the energy of “it’s not fair,” and as a result that karma can actually become a block to you later in life. You may even attract or recreate circumstances that seem “unfair” to you in the future and that block you from experiencing abundance fully in your life – all as a result of carrying that karma with you for so long.

This is a problem in itself, of course, but there’s something else as well that you might be missing. That karma that you took on as a result of your experience with one or both of your parents can also become like an “energetic connection” of sorts that not only keeps you replaying that experience in your mind, but also drains your energy by taking your focus away from your present circumstances and redirecting it to the wrong place – your past.

This can be a huge drain on your energy without even realizing it and even connect you more strongly than you would like to the person you had the experience with. It almost acts like an “energetic cord,” in a way, that can even send your energy right back to that person and their projects and endeavors, rather than your own. This is simply not what you want or need and it is in no way beneficial to you or your ability to create what you need to for your life. In fact, it can really hinder your creation process on ALL levels.

Plus, when your mind is on someone or something else, especially from a past experience and in a negative way, that means there is some sort of energetic “connection” there that is not only distracting your focus and attention from your own life, but it is also draining your energy and funneling it right to that person or experience, no matter when it occurred. It’s a definite sign to you that your energy is not going to where it is supposed to – to you and your life.

How is that beneficial to you? In short, it’s not. It’s really a complete waste of your energy. So the best thing to do is really to take a few minutes out and explore why you are still going over past experiences in your mind or why you just can’t seem to get someone out of your head. After you’ve identified where your energy is being drained, the very best thing you can do for yourself is to release the past by clearing those connections away. You will find that once you do that, your energy levels will increase drastically and your focus improves immensely, allowing you to direct your energy to exactly where you need it – YOUR FUTURE.

2 Comments on “Clear the Connections that Drain Your Energy”

  1. luvd&lost

    How do i let go, i have so much anger and pain inside, we have 2 boys together, i feel like i’ve lost myself somewhere along the way, i know i have to let go of the past & the painful memories that haunt my thoughts all day everyday like a broken record in my mind over & over, plz help

    1. admin

      Often we can’t let go because we still have energetic connections to past people or situations that keep things playing over and over in our mind. It is through clearing the negative energy from those past experiences that we can move on from them in a positive way.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :~)

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