Healing Our Relationships

Healing Our RelationshipsOur relationships are essential to our well-being as human beings. Our human experience makes it very necessary for us to interact with others on all levels and to be one with others on a regular basis, whether we realize that is what we are doing or not. To be one with someone is simply to allow yourself to be with them, to share an experience with them. This is being one in its very simplest form.

When we are one with another, and we share experiences with them, we learn much more than we realize through our experiences. It is often much later on that we do realize what we have learned, yet at the same time, what we experience in our relationships can simultaneously lead us to new awareness, which is often a learning experience within itself, because awareness is key to our growth as both Souls and human beings.

Because our relationships are such a vital part of our learning experiences, whether it is a marriage, friendship, or business relationship, it is important to heal them and learn to work positively within them, so we can truly benefit from all they have to teach us. And one thing that most people don’t realize is that healing our relationships is also very healing both to ourselves and to the earth because it helps us to work better with others and share our wisdom and love to a much greater degree in the world.

Yes, some relationships are difficult, but they DO NOT by any means HAVE TO BE. Even the most negative-seeming relationship can be turned into a positive one, and it all starts by knowing where the other person is coming from.

Who are they really? Why do they do the things they do? How do they view the world? Where did they grow up? What was their life like before they met you?

One of the best ways to start to find the answers to these questions is actually to start at the VERY beginning – to know that person at Soul-level – as in where they are REALLY from. What are their gifts and talents that might seem like strange behaviors to you?

The next thing to look at is what experiences they have had. What in their past led them to act the way they do? Even better, you can even go so far as to find out what past life experiences they had that led them to be the way they are or came into this life to be.

Having this sort of knowledge about those close to you can really help you to understand where they are coming from and how you can relate to them better. I can’t tell you, for example, how much it has helped me to know what my husband’s Soul Group and Archangelic Realm of Training is! And when I combined that with the knowledge I was able to obtain about both his past life and present life experiences, it has been INVALUABLE in helping our marriage and navigating the confusion that can come about in our daily interactions because we come from two very different places with very different collective experiences.

It’s the same case with my other relationships as well. Just knowing some of these things has given me so much insight into the other people in my life that I have found new and different ways to get along much better with those that I previously could not. I’m not saying that I have been able to fix everything this way, but it sure has made life easier!

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  1. George S. Talkachov

    Appreciated your statements and comments BUT one major problem . I had a really wonderful relationship with an “abused” woman who about a month after stating this fact broke off our relationship with a simple “don’t call me anymore”!! I was and am still in love with this woman and I have written her two letters ,sent her a card and evemn tried to talk to her in person . The only result being that she told me if I attempted to call her or see her she would call 911-enough said. How do you bring someone out of their “darkness” and hurt ,I am sure she had no relevant childhood and the relationship with her mother is strained and strange. I believe the step-father was the perpetrator but I have no conclusive proof since he has passed on.

    1. admin

      That’s a really good questions, George. If the other person simply won’t speak to you, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do directly, but the same advice above still applies. If you were a client of mine, requesting help with this situation, I would tell you that there is probably a reason that this is happening and a reason that you attracted such a situation in the first place, both of which could be cleared, so that 1) you would not go through something like this again, and 2) so that you might have some sort of resolution and closure (one way or another) in this situation. The reason I say this is simply because our outer world is ALWAYS a reflection of our inner world, so by simply repairing the problem within you, you could entirely shift the situation energetically without even speaking to her here in the physical.

      You would be amazed at the results of a clearing for something like this. ANYTHING and I do mean, ANYTHING can shift with this kind of work. As an example, by clearing whatever it is that caused you to attract this in the first place, she may even turn around and contact you on her own, mainly because you “feel” different to her energetically. And it might just be something that happens at the subconscious level – something she can’t explain wanting to do consciously.

      Believe me, I have seen some wonderful and amazing and unexpected things happen as a result of this work! Just know that ANYTHING can change at ANY time. Nothing is off limits in this Universe!

      Also, keep in mind, that just as the relationship is, you are still learning right now, even though it might not be in the happiest way or the way you choose. Don’t underestimate the power of that. Thanks for reading and commenting! :~)

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