How to Deal with Negative People

Negative PeopleAs I continue to evolve, I begin to see patterns arise in my life and among those around me. In fact, I try to identify them so I can understand them better because resolving and correcting negative patterns are truly one of the keys to finding peace and happiness.

A pattern I have noticed quite a bit lately is certain people making comments that are rather rude or invasive – you know the ones that leave you worrying more than you ever had before you spoke to that person. The ones who always have something negative to say no matter what topic you bring up or they always seem to present the absolute worst thing that can happen as a result of your situation. They just seem to have a negative outlook on things, no matter what the topic is, when the truth is they’re just simply not that knowledgeable on the subject anyway, but they sure don’t mind expressing their opinion until they’ve practically shoved it down your throat.

There is even another variation of this type of person – the ones that leave you angry because of their downright disrespectful and/or pushy nature. They love to invade your space or push boundaries just to get their way, even if for no other apparent reason than simply to get their way. They show a complete lack of respect for your wishes simply because they can.

Of course, when you identify a pattern like this, you can’t simply just blame it all on the other person. You have to look more closely at yourself and your life, and how you respond to situations such as these, and also why you might be attracting negative people and circumstances like that in the first place. Remember, “like attracts like,” so it’s always important to find out why you are resonating with that sort of thing in the first place. It is coming up for you for a reason.

And it doesn’t automatically mean that just because someone says something mean to you that they are a “bad” person, but it does mean that they have some issues to deal with. Those that attempt to make you feel inferior in any way are also the very same individuals who are extremely proficient in draining your energy. Even simply being around them can be very draining, because you have to constantly maintain your energetic boundaries around them. You know that if you let your guard down too much, they will step right in and take advantage of you. That’s certainly not fun, and it’s sure not relaxing or conducive to a happy environment.

That’s not even to mention the various forms of negative energy you can take on as a result of encounters with people like that. Spending too much time around them can quickly leave things behind because your perception of your experience with them was, shall we say, less than pleasurable.

The reason for this is that they are not fully accessing their power within – their own spiritual and energetic resources. If they were, they would have no need to create it elsewhere by draining someone else’s energy to fulfill their needs. And even though their own power truly is right there for them to access and utilize, somehow they have lost sight of this and it forces them to seek elsewhere for the energy they need to exist. By looking outside of themselves for power, they are, in effect, making a choice that aligns them more with negative energy than it does positive, and can become like an addiction for them that only grows over time and becomes more problematic.

When you find yourself in situations like these, the most important thing to realize is the way you respond to these individuals is what determines the outcome and also dictates what experiences you will attract in the future. The very best way to deal with difficult people like this is to simply get yourself out of the situation as quickly as possible while simultaneously standing your ground AND reacting to them as little as possible. You also want to make a conscious effort to minimize your encounters with individuals like that as much as possible in the future.

Ultimately, however, you really do need to take a good look at yourself to figure out why you are attracting individuals like that into your life in the first place. More than likely there is something in your past that needs to be understood and cleared so you are no longer in alignment with individuals who try to take advantage of you, make you feel inferior, or push boundaries with you.

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