How to Survive and Thrive When Surrounded by Negative Energy

Negative PeopleWe all know what it’s like to encounter negative circumstances where you are surrounded by negative energy, like when you’re at work with coworkers and clients who are extremely negative, with family members that cause you to feel uncomfortable or discontented, when you have unexpected company, and even when you’re out and about in the world running errands, or maybe even vacationing. It can be very frustrating at times, especially if all you feel like doing is screaming and running out of the room while pulling your hair out.

So what are some practical steps you can take to help cope?

1) Find common ground. Even when in the most negative of circumstances and dealing with the most negative of people, you can often find that you have something in common, starting with why you are both there in the first place.

2) Take a break. Get some air. Call a friend just to chat and maybe even to vent. There is nothing like a good vent session with your best friend over the phone to blow off some steam when you are most stressed out! Your friend may even be able to offer some valuable advice or insight you might be missing.

3) Take a different perspective. Realize that there is value in the experience, even if you don’t see what it is at the moment. Know there is learning in it for you somewhere and seek out what that is. It’s a great distraction to get deep into thought analyzing a situation to get a deeper view, rather than simply getting angry or upset about it.

4) Don’t anticipate that it will turn out badly. If you do, you could inadvertently manifest a negative outcome for yourself, worst than it might actually turn out if you hadn’t spent any time dwelling on how bad it would be. Realize that things just might shift in a direction you don’t quite expect, and also realize that it just might turn out way better than you expected. This is especially true if you have done any clearing work around a situation. It’s a fantastic alternative to dealing with negative circumstances. It will ALWAYS shift things for the better, because you are clearing away the negative energy that caused you to attract the situation in the first place and also what makes it so intolerable.

5) Look for the shift. If you imagine and anticipate a positive outcome, rather than a negative one, you have a lot better shot at seeing it come to pass since you are applying the principles of manifestation. Know that it IS possible to see something positive come out of even the most negative of circumstances.

6) Pray, just pray. Prayer DOES work and prayers ARE heard and answered all the time. So, when you have exhausted all other options, pray. Pray for things to improve. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Just pray.

4 Comments on “How to Survive and Thrive When Surrounded by Negative Energy”

  1. Miki Strong

    Gosh, haven’t we all been there at one time or another Sallie?! I know I certainly have. The hardest thing for me has been not taking on the negative energy of someone else – not letting their stuff become my stuff. These days, when I know I’m going into a situation that has the potential to be negative (you know, with chronic energy suckers that we can’t avoid 100% of the time), I first check my energy BEFORE going in and see where I’m at. That way, if my energy shifts I can go back to before the encounter and realize it’s not my stuff – it’s their’s. The other thing I do – and this has been really helpful for me – is your #4; don’t go into it anticipating it will turn out badly. What a big difference that has made in my life.

    Very practical, easy to apply tips Sallie!

    1. admin

      I agree Miki! :~) It can be extremely hard NOT to take on the energy of others, especially when they make you angry or frustrated. But it sounds like you have a great way of dealing with it. It’s also really helpful to ask for extra protection and assistance from Spirit if you know you are going into a negative situation you simply can’t avoid.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :~)

  2. Rosiam

    I like this post. I usually jump from no 3 to 6. May I copy your tips to encourage my colleagues at work? I think it’s already in our culture (eastern society) to easily spot the weakness of others rather than exposing the strengths.
    Luckily the department I work with has a collaboration with a partner in Netherlands. We learn from this partner to make it balanced, between praise and scold.
    Nice tips Sally and appreciate your blessing for me to copy it 🙂

    1. admin

      I would love for you to share my ideas, Rosiam! You are correct – balance is essential to finding peace of mind.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :~)

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