Why Negative People Are In Your Life

negative people

I had someone recently ask me to write about why you attract certain people and she wanted to know if you attracted other people based on your own energetic vibration.

The short answer is yes … sometimes.

Most of what we attract to us is highly based on what we are creating and manifesting in our lives, and keep in mind you are ALWAYS manifesting and creating your future. Your future is always changing based on your present-day actions and choices.

What this means is that you may attract something really wonderful today based on how great you felt this morning when you got up, because your energetic vibration was high, so you found yourself surrounded with great people all day and came across amazing opportunities. But your day tomorrow could be quite different if you got up on the “wrong side” of the bed, so to speak. Think of your future and the potential outcomes that go along with it as being always in motion and not set in stone.

Yes, in both cases, your energetic vibration, or the vibration you project to the world, can be the reason you attract what you do into the world. But just like with most rules, there is usually an exception.

There are some cases in which the people you seemingly attracted actually came into your life for a reason. Regardless, of why someone has come into your life, there is learning for you to do from the relationship, but sometimes you actually choose to have someone come into your life primarily for that learning experience. And believe it or not, some of us actually choose these experiences BEFORE we incarnate.

Yes, YOU are the one responsible for and IN CONTROL of the outcomes in your life. Gives you a different perspective on how you create your life, doesn’t it?

But why on earth would anyone CHOOSE to have negative people in our lives? I mean, they make you crazy, right? Why would anyone in their right mind ever choose to have them around? Believe it or not, they DO serve a purpose. There sure is a lot to learn from them about all sorts of things, whether we like to admit it or not.

And most likely, you chose them in order to learn lessons related to empowerment and finding ways to deal better with negativity, and most of all … to learn how to OVERCOME it. This is especially true if you find yourself surrounded by negative people and feel very overwhelmed and confused by it. In those cases, you have in some way chosen to put yourself into a position where you are FORCED to deal with it and move beyond it.

Now that you know WHY, the next question is HOW do you deal with them without losing your mind and staying positive? Stay tuned for my next article that will talk about the best way I’ve found to deal with and overcome the negativity in your life.

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