How Are Excess Weight and Negative Energy Connected?

Lose weight Negative EnergyOften when we encounter negative situations and negative people, we find that we experience negative feelings and emotions, or negative energy. This is perfectly normal in most cases, but it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for us. As a result of those negative feelings, we often respond negatively by expressing those negative emotions to the world or the people around us.

Most of us are aware that being in negative environments has a direct relationship to the excess weight we carry, whether it’s due to our stress level or a resulting change in our eating habits due to how we feel. But what about the connection between our negative emotions and our weight?

Perhaps one of the major causative factors in our weight gain is our EXPRESSION of those negative feelings or emotions that makes us keep the excess weight on. Feeling them of course is not healthy for us, but each emotion we have can be a valuable learning experience for us. The problem comes in, I believe, when we decide to perpetuate the negative emotion by outwardly expressing it to the world.

Once we begin to express it, we resonate at that energetic level for a longer period of time and even grow the energy within us, because in order to express it, we have to make more of it. And when we do that, the energy we have created more of stays with us MUCH longer than if we simply realize we are experiencing it, that it is not healthy for us and let it go.

So how do we minimize our reaction to negative situations and people?

Again, it goes back to perception. If we don’t PERCEIVE it negatively, we won’t FEEL it that way, and we won’t respond to it as such, and as a result, we will take on less negative energy overall. The answer is to simply realize we are experiencing it, that it is not healthy for us, and then let it go as quickly as possible. The longer we ruminate in it, the more likely we are going to be to take on negative energy that our system has to clear. This can take days or weeks, and if we continue to perpetuate our circumstances, we may never see it reduce.

Of course, you want to remove yourself as much as possible from negative situations, but when it’s not possible to do that, you have to make an effort to consciously shift your perception so you won’t be the one who is harmed by it. The trick is finding motivation to do that – finding a reason to no longer allow yourself to feel and respond that way when you encounter negative people or negative situations.

What to find out how? Stay tuned for my next article on “How to Shift Your Perception to Lose Excess Weight”…

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  1. Mary Jane

    Great article, Sallie! As we’ve said before, perception is HUGE in life. 🙂

    I look forward to the followup article! 🙂

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