Abundance or Lack: Your Choice

Believe it or not, if you are living in lack, it is a choice you have made, at least on some level of your existence. This may not seem possible to you, or even probable, especially if you are living a life that seems filled with lack everywhere you turn and you just want out of it. So, how exactly … Read More

How Self Confidence Affects What You Manifest

There is a direct relationship between your self-confidence level and the level of abundance you manifest in your life. When we are feeling low or depressed because of circumstances in our lives that make us feel less powerful than we truly are, it can have a really negative effect on our self-confidence level and how powerful of creators we perceive … Read More

How to Manifest Abundance in 5 Easy Steps

When attempting to manifest our desires, there are some key points that we must abide by in order to see our manifestation requests come to reality. Without them, it just won’t work. Some of these steps might seem obvious or simple, but often they are easier said than done and often there is more to them than we realize right … Read More

Grounding and Manifesting

For those of us who do a lot of spiritual or energetic healing work, it can raise our energetic vibration quite quickly, taking us to a much higher and better place in our lives. The problem is we can very easily get caught up in the spiritual nature of the work and forget that we are living a physical existence. … Read More

Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance, Part 3

When we find ourselves stuck financially and living in lack, there is usually a reason for it. The problem is we don’t always realize it at the time. We are typically blinded by our circumstances and feel trapped and depressed or angry. We are looking for the cause of our difficulty and a way out as quickly as possible, but … Read More

Reclaim Your Power to Manifest Abundance NOW

Often when we are lacking in some area of our lives, it is because we are missing our own power in some form. Perhaps we have given too much of it away without realizing what that would mean for us in the long run. Or perhaps it was taken from us, or rather, we allowed it to be taken from … Read More