Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance, Part 3

When we find ourselves stuck financially and living in lack, there is usually a reason for it. The problem is we don’t always realize it at the time. We are typically blinded by our circumstances and feel trapped and depressed or angry. We are looking for the cause of our difficulty and a way out as quickly as possible, but the problem is we aren’t objective enough to see what the real problem is at the moment.

The answer almost always lies in your past. The problem is we’re looking in the wrong place.

We tend to look at our present circumstances versus what happened in our past that might have led us to where we are. We often don’t realize how powerful of creators we are and just how much responsibility we have for our present circumstances. Our present is ALWAYS a result of the actions we have taken and the choices we have made in the past, regardless of whether or not we want to admit it.

The problem is we don’t always know what the repercussions of our decisions and actions are going to be at the time. It is virtually impossible to predict and it really is all about the learning experience. It is only through cause and effect that we see the outcomes in our lives.

But even when we are fully aware of this and we see things happen in our lives, we don’t always know how or why these things came to pass. This is where an Akashic Records Reading & Soul Clearing comes into play and why it is so valuable. It gives you a broader perspective and the knowledge you are seeking so you can clearly understand how the choices you made and actions you have taken in the past have led you to where you are today. It gives you the perspective you need to move forward with the knowledge of how to make better choices so you can avoid being in the same situation again in the future.

Not only that, but it also clears away the negative results of those choices and actions in terms of the negative energy you have been carrying as a result of them, because it is that negative energy that is showing up as a block for you in your present life that is keeping you from experiencing abundance in all forms, including financial abundance.

Are you interested in gaining the perspective you need and clearing away the negativity from your past experiences so you can move forward to meet your financial goals with confidence and excitement? Consider having a Soul Clearing for Financial Abundance. The process can be completed in about a week and will change ALL areas of your life for the better.

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