How to Manifest Abundance in 5 Easy Steps

manifest abundanceWhen attempting to manifest our desires, there are some key points that we must abide by in order to see our manifestation requests come to reality. Without them, it just won’t work.

Some of these steps might seem obvious or simple, but often they are easier said than done and often there is more to them than we realize right off hand.

  1. Get VERY clear on what you want. This can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks we have in manifesting – not being clear on what we want. If you’re not clear about what you want, then you’re not going to send a clear message to the Universe and what you’re going to get in return will also be unclear.
  2. KNOW 100% with all your heart that you can have it. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot have if you really want it badly enough. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. And we deny ourselves that truth far too often. This goes much deeper than believing does. Knowing is similar to believing, but when we KNOW something, really KNOW it with all our hearts, there is absolutely NO QUESTION it will come to be, and our actions, words and choices follow suit with it.
  3. Know your manifestation process and USE IT. We each have our own unique manifestation process that works for us ONLY. There is a lot of info out there on manifestation, but all of it isn’t always right for YOU specifically. That’s why it’s so very important to know what does work for you and what doesn’t. You can find out by trial and error or you can seek spiritual guidance to find out what YOUR unique manifestation process is.
  4. Clear any blocks you have to receiving or manifesting what you are asking for. Our past experiences often leave us with baggage in the form of negative energy and that negative energy can become blocks for us, preventing us from having what we desire for ourselves. Often, those blocks are the only thing preventing us from having what we desire for ourselves. Once they are cleared, what we want can sometimes flow to us almost immediately.
  5. Take the physical action steps needed to manifest what you want. Action is a way of illustrating our intent to the Universe about what we desire. It sets what we want in forward motion and helps us solidify our request in our own minds as well. There is nothing more powerful than physical action to get things moving! This is also where spiritual guidance can come in pretty handy. By connecting with your Spirit Guides on a regular basis, you can find out just what steps you need to take to manifest your dreams into reality.

These 5 steps  form the basis for successful manifestation. Follow them and you would be surprised how quickly your dreams can become a reality!

Do you want to know more about manifestation or what your unique manifestation process is and how to use it so you can manifest your desires with ease each and every time? Contact me today!

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