Abundance or Lack: Your Choice

abundance your choiceBelieve it or not, if you are living in lack, it is a choice you have made, at least on some level of your existence. This may not seem possible to you, or even probable, especially if you are living a life that seems filled with lack everywhere you turn and you just want out of it.

So, how exactly could it be that we might actually CHOOSE lack over abundance?

Well, fears for one. Say, for example, you have an underlying fear of success from past experiences. That fear could easily block you from making choices and taking actions that could LEAD you directly to abundance, rather than take you directly away from it. Believe it or not, our fears can block us in so many ways and on so many levels that we don’t readily see or realize. Fears can be paralyzing without us consciously being aware of it.

One fear I see come up a lot with clients is the fear of stepping into purpose. There can be many, various underling reasons for this, but when it comes down to it, it’s about having a fear of fully accessing and sharing our Soul-level gifts and talents with the world. After all, this can be a pretty scary process, especially if expressing who we are to the world means not fitting in with societal norms and potentially being judged for it negatively.

Another reason we might allow ourselves to choose lack over abundance by the decisions we make and actions we take is for some sort of lesson we chose to experience at Soul-level. Some of us might even have chosen to incarnate into poor or poverty-stricken situations for the learning experience. Perhaps we wanted to learn about what it was like to grow up in that sort of environment, or maybe find a way out of it and back to abundance so we could have that experience.

So how do you start to make choices and take actions that will guide you to abundance and take you away from lack? It’s pretty simple. Start by finding out the reason you are living in lack in the first place. If it’s a lesson, then ask yourself, have you learned enough from it yet? Is it time to move on to better things?

Or is it because of fears you have that are blocking you from being your true self and experiencing the abundance in your life you truly deserve? If that’s the case, then getting to the source of your fears and clearing them away is the obvious answer. And once you clear the blocks you have to experiencing abundance, it can start to flow naturally and freely in to your life.

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