Grounding and Manifesting

grounding and manifestingFor those of us who do a lot of spiritual or energetic healing work, it can raise our energetic vibration quite quickly, taking us to a much higher and better place in our lives. The problem is we can very easily get caught up in the spiritual nature of the work and forget that we are living a physical existence. This can lead to us being ungrounded very quickly as we enjoy the spiritual nature of our beings just a bit too much.

Because we are spiritual beings living a physical existence, we have to remember and honor our physical existence just as much as our spirituality. Living here in the physical is just as important as understanding and knowing our spiritual nature. Our physical existence is how we ground our spirituality into our lives in real, tangible ways.

Because of this, being grounded is an extremely important component of manifesting. If we’re not properly grounded, we simply can’t manifest what we want into our physical existence because we’re not going to be able to bring in the energy we need to into our physical bodies. Being grounded is what brings spirituality into the physical.

Just like the roots of a tree give it a strong foundation in the earth, the roots of our own existence help us to create the life we desire for ourselves. If we don’t honor that need within ourselves, we are doing ourselves a great disservice by forgetting what it is we came here to do – bring our spirituality into the physical and express it here in every possible way we can.

One of the best ways to ground yourself, and to do it quickly is to imagine yourself like a tree with roots going into the earth from underneath your feet. You can also imagine sending your energy down into the earth and bring it back up into your body again. Physical activity and working with your hands is another great way to ground yourself very quickly because anything physical is a 1st chakra activity and the 1st chakra is all about bringing abundance into your physical life.

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