When Life Changes Everything

changeMajor changes in our lives taking place can affect us in many ways, both expected and unexpected. The most important thing to realize is that change is good. Change is important. It is essential to our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and helps us in moving forward with our lives in many ways.

If we were to remain stuck and in the same patterns in our lives for many months and years, we simply would not grow and thrive and become the people we intended ourselves to be when we decided to have this human experience called life.

It is important that we allow change to take place in our lives and that we don’t spend time fighting it. There’s too much to learn from the unexpected and the unknown that if we fight the experience and what we can learn from it, we will waste valuable time and energy and what can be a wonderful learning experience for us.

What we often fail to remember is that we are living for the experience of things and that learning is essential to our growth as humans and as Souls. If we don’t allow ourselves to have that experience, we won’t learn and grow beyond where we currently are.

Even though learning experiences can be uncomfortable at times, can you really imagine the alternative – being stuck where you are right now, never to move forward or have a new experience? It’s just not what was meant for us.

So the next time you find yourself in the midst of great change that feels like it’s wreaking havoc on every aspect of your life, try reminding yourself that you are undergoing an experience that is going to have unforeseen, most likely great and even wonderful benefits on your life.

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