The Choice NOT to Feel is ALWAYS a Negative One

path to light, road to enlightmentWhile it may seem that simply NOT feeling pain is a way to navigate negativity, I assure you, the choice NOT to feel is ALWAYS a negative one. It’s truly unfortunate to me, and very sad, indeed, when someone actively chooses to ignore the damage that negativity has caused in their life by simply saying it doesn’t bother them.

What they are in effect doing is lying to themselves, perhaps without even realizing it. Or perhaps they do, and have simply chosen as much in order to protect themselves because they are not fully equipped with the ability to deal with the emotion that surfaces when you do face the pain that you have experienced in your life. Or perhaps they have simply lost their way and forgotten who they are and the power they hold within themselves.

For that is truly the definition of a lightworker in my opinion … we are willing to experience the pain that we have encountered so that we can work through it and move beyond it into the light to return to WHO WE TRULY ARE inside … PURE LIGHT and POSITIVE ENERGY. Because we KNOW intuitively that the only way to fully access the power and light within ourselves, our TRUE POWER, is to work through the pain and dive deep down within ourselves. That’s where our beauty lies … WITHIN.

I look into my son’s eyes each morning as he smiles at me and I think to myself it is truly beyond me why anyone in their right mind would NOT want to fully experience the LOVE and JOY he and others like him can bring into one’s life. But there are some individuals out there who have chosen NOT to experience these emotions fully.

Why? It’s all in an effort to keep from feeling the pain that they have encountered through past experiences. Somewhere along the way, something happened to them that made them feel so unprotected and unloved that they lost their belief that the light is stronger than anything… that light, what we are all made of at our very core, is worth fighting for and holding out for, even if you have to experience some pain first in order to feel the joy that comes along afterward.

What is so very unfortunate about it is that is that they are missing out … missing out on all the light and joy the world has to offer, all because they have chosen to take a “short-cut” to surpass experiencing the pain and emotion that comes along with it.

So, the next time you feel like avoiding emotion is the best way to deal with a negative situation, ask yourself this … is it REALLY worth missing out on the joy and love you could experience if only you would allow yourself to feel the pain, even if just for a little while? Just remember, sometimes you have to go THROUGH the darkness in order to get to the light.

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