True Healing is Achieved through Awareness

Awareness is HealingIn order to truly heal ourselves of any mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or energetic difficulty, we must fully understand what the true source of our problem is so we can address it properly. And the source may not always be what we think. Even though an illness is physical, its true source may be spiritual or energetic.

It is also important to note that the mental and emotional components of disease and illness in the body must ALWAYS be addressed as well, because every problem or issue we have has a mental and emotional aspect to it, whether or not we realize it. This can at the source of it, or it can be something resulting from the problem itself. Regardless, it must be addressed in order to achieve true healing.

How do we achieve true healing?

It is only through investigation into the source of our illness that we can fully understand it. Reflecting back on our past, while not always the most comfortable experience, can have great value for us in terms of gaining a deeper awareness and understanding into ourselves and our lives – even more than we may realize at the conscious level.

In fact, we should never underestimate the power of awareness when it comes to healing our bodies, both physically, and otherwise. For it is only through revisiting our past choices, actions and the patterns we have created that have led us to where we are today, that we can move forward by making better choices and taking better actions to create new and better patterns to improve the outcome for ourselves dramatically. But we can only do that if we are not afraid to look at and reflect on our past.

Should we fear reflecting on our past?

NO! Absolutely not! We should NEVER fear looking at our past, because it is the one thing that hold the key to true healing and MUCH better future for ourselves. Instead, we should hold our past with reverence and joy, knowing that we have the ability to look back to find where our difficulty began.

Why? Because we have the POWER to change it!

While, yes, it may make us uncomfortable for a short time to reflect on our past experiences, it is FAR better to reflect on them by choice, rather than being forced upon us at a later time when our situation or our physical symptoms are much worse. And yes, this is what happens.

Our problems are there for reason – they let us know that we have an imbalance in the body that needs to be addressed. And when we ignore it, we are also ignoring what caused it in the first place, which is what REALLY needs to be addressed – THE SOURCE. When it comes down to it, our problems are a message to us – a message that we need to look closer, to LOOK WITHIN, to make changes in our lives so the problem or symptom will go away. And when we don’t things simply get worst until we are forced and have no choice.

The answer, very simply, is to save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble and focus on finding the source of your difficulties as soon as they show up in your life. There are many ways to do this, and of course, an Akashic Records Reading is just one of them. Journaling is a fantastic way to start. Counseling is good, or even just talking to a friend are also great ways to accomplish this. But no matter how you approach the problem, the important thing is that you work toward finding the source and clearing it away, because there is nothing more healing than true awareness.

For it is our awareness of how our past has created our future that is what truly allows us to change our lives to create a better future for ourselves. It is our awareness that allows us to tear down the walls that have been blocking us from shining our true light on the world and fully stepping onto our path and into our purpose.

2 Comments on “True Healing is Achieved through Awareness”

  1. Roxanne Elaine

    Hi Sallie, Great post! You expressed my philosophy of healing exactly. I am a life coach that specializes in inner child healing for highly intuitive people and I agree that through journaling and listening to our bodies we can process through the layers of blocks to become our true selves. Even loneliness is a “symptom” of the traumatic separation from the true self that occurred in early childhood. By talking to a safe witness to validate what happened to us to form our negative core beliefs, we can heal our bodies as we regain our vitality of the spirit. When we, as intuitives, are reunited with our innate wisdom, have compassion for our selves and what we went through, and learn to shine the light inside that was there all along, we will be guided to our true purpose in life which often is helping others heal. I really like your website, Sallie. Thank you for all you do for others. 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks Roxanne! I agree with you wholeheartedly. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for all you do as well! :~)

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